Jackie Amos Wilkinson, Faculty Lead, writes: Each year as students come to the end of the academic year they are asked to review the whole of the year and give us feedback on their training experience. The feedback is used to keep trustees informed about how the training is being received; to enable faculty to do a learning review of the past year; and to inform future development.

Here are some highlights of the feedback data collected in summer of 2017 from students at the end of Year 2 (the Class of 2017, who were ordained in July), and their peers finishing Year 1 (the Class of 2018 – named after their intended ordination year). Students completed an online feedback form in the weeks after their year-end retreats, and in the case of Year 2, after Ordination.

Pictured: Some of the Class of 2017, who were ordained in July.

YEAR 1 FEEDBACK (Class of 2018)
Students were asked to comment on:

1. Overall experience of the 1st year
63% Really Good
33% Good

2. Their three sessions of spiritual counselling with a 2nd year student
52% Really Good
27% Good

3. Learning about different paths by visiting places of worship
49% Really Good
49% Good

4. Overall experience of the teaching
69% Really Good
23% Good

Quotes about faculty
“Nicola’s teaching is very inspiring and she speaks succinctly on the subject at hand. I like the way she holds the class and group together, and also knows when to intervene.”
“Annie has a wonderful warmth about her and I’ve been incredibly impressed by her humility and how bravely and consciously she’s approached challenges”.
“There seemed to be an excellent rapport between them and this passed down to the student body as a very close knit family”.

5. The mentors’ contribution
59% Really Good
33% Good

Quotes about mentors
“They are such a valuable presence and work so hard. I always loved how they act as the angelic go-betweens for us as students and on behalf of the tutors”.
“I respect the support you gave to me and to the group to help us grow. I feel your presence was the sticking glue that has kept us on track”.

6. Using a faith path as a spiritual practice
65% Really Good
29% Good

7. The spiritual counselling sessions with their mentor
68% Really Good
13% Good

7. Their experience of communication with OneSpirit’s Administration
89% Really Good
11% Good

YEAR 2 FEEDBACK (Class of 2017)
Students were asked to comment on:

1. The whole process of becoming an interfaith minister and spiritual counsellor
74% Really Good
22% Good

2. The quality of the teaching in 2nd year
73% Really Good
21% Good

Quotes about faculty:
“I am on-goingly touched, inspired, and delighted by the grace, clarity, strength, and open-heartedness of Christopher. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to learn from him from day one.”

“Bernd for me was a true spiritual teacher in his very core. He offered integrity and commitment and boundary-less love in every moment he was present. I feel he brings a dynamic spontaneous quality which keeps everyone on the edge of their knowing and their longing”.

“I really enjoyed the change of energy and dynamism Jackie brought. Jackie has a depth of perception and insight, of focus and flexibility, which added a new and fresh dimension to my on-going spiritual formation”.

3. Their experience of 2nd year mentoring
86% Really Good
8% Good

Quotes about mentors:
“A wonderful mentor, a deeply compassionate listener, with humour and a lightness of touch, and a great deal of wisdom”.

“I have felt so held, so seen, so supported this year. I am astounded by the warmth, understanding, presence and patience. Words fail me. I am so grateful”.

4. Did they feel suitably equipped to transition from student to new ordained minister?

84% Yes
6% Not sure

5. Would they recommend the training?
96% Yes
3% Unsure

6. Did they consider the training value for money?
80% Yes
10% Yes but expensive.

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