About us

Who are we? Click on the image above to watch a film clip describing the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation and our work.

We join in the awakening of an inclusive global spirituality, in ourselves and in the world, through training and enabling open-hearted individuals to serve people of all faiths and none in our diverse communities.

OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation is inclusive, embracing the universal truth at the heart of all spiritual traditions.  We celebrate the values of respect, reconciliation, forgiveness and fellowship. We honour and support peace-making and the awareness of our unity in Spirit. We believe that difference, when approached as a potential source of enrichment, need not be experienced as a threat. Old dichotomies of ‘us’ versus ‘them’ do not serve the healing of our world. Thus our focus is on removing, within ourselves, the obstacles to unity.

We whole-heartedly support all the many interfaith initiatives that encourage dialogue and understanding between religions. We look for even deeper dimensions of unity, where we can recognise every human being as a facet of the One Spirit, a reflection of something in ourselves. We see the interfaith concept as a powerful invitation not just to tolerance, but acceptance; not only to dialogue, but to community.

We aim to support people who wish to enquire more deeply into their own spiritual tradition and their own soul. Our graduate ministers are active across the UK and in Ireland, France, Germany, Denmark, New Zealand, Australia and the US.

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