After the Training

You’re probably curious about what comes next after the training, right? It’s quite exciting because the answer varies based on your unique reasons for enrolling! 

The OneSpirit Ministers are agents of change, causing ripple effects in consciousness through the many ways they honour their own connection to spirit. Our ministers are of service to people of all faiths and none. What is consistent throughout is their shared devotion and commitment to celebrating life, supporting spiritual awakening and exploring life’s deeper meanings. Our graduates are all committed to living their calling authentically, so those who are drawn to our training enrol for a variety of reasons. A person’s ministry may manifest itself in public service for some, but may also take a more personal, private form for others…

Graduates of our training often work in ‘secular’ as well as ‘spiritual’ roles. More than 800 individuals have completed our training and our graduates express their ministries in a wide variety of ways. Several of our graduates are involved in conducting weddings, funerals and blessing ceremonies as OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers or celebrants. Some have started their own centres, worship communities and spiritual education programmes. Others tend to offer spiritual counselling – either privately or in hospitals, hospices, prisons, colleges and schools.


Our ministers are devoted to creating ceremonies that speak your heart language and reflect your values & beliefs. They offer a variety of ceremonies and rituals including weddings, funerals, baby blessings, Rites of Passage, pet funerals, and other meaningful rituals.


Our spiritual listeners & supervisors offer a safe, tender place for deep inquiry & reflection. We hold space for love, champion wholeness, and witness without judgment. Many of our spiritual guides offer sessions online and serve clients worldwide.


Our ministers also offer an array of other services including chaplaincy, coaching, healing therapies, inspirational talks, business training and creative workshops across all sectors of the arts.


If learning about the diverse ways your personal ministry can take you left you curious, get in touch with our friendly enrolment team who’ll be happy to answer your enquiries.