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The consciousness of humanity has big challenges to face. Grounded, open-hearted men and women with spiritual vision and inner purpose are a blessing to this world – whether they seek to discover their own answers to these challenges or choose in addition to guide, serve and heal others. Click here to watch Foundation Head, Nicola Coombe describe the way we work.

The spiritual training offered through OneSpirit is rich and varied, to meet your hopes and aspirations. It is a richly supported experience of community and a creative, holistic curriculum built around four interweaving strands:

  • one-year training on deepening into spiritual development and an experiential journey into faith paths and community. This programme may be taken as a stand-alone course and focuses on Strand 1 – personal awakening, Strand 2 – opening to other traditions For more detail of the one-year course, click here.
  • a full two-year programme, which involves training as a spiritual counsellor, and may lead to ordination as a minister. The second year focuses on Strand 3 – spiritual counselling Strand 4 – leading ceremonies For more detail of the second-year course, click here.

For more details of the four strands of training, click here   

Learn about the experiences of previous students in the film below.

OneSpirit film

Learn more

  • at our introductory events, where you can meet with tutors as well as current students and graduates.  The events simulate the experience of the training, and the process is both informative and gently experiential. We welcome you and the questions you bring. There is no charge for these events, and you are not entering into any commitments for further training. For Introductory Days in 2018, click here.
  • in conversation with our tutors. If the introductory events are not convenient for you, our faculty are most willing to arrange a conversation with you, either one-to-one or in a conference call with no more than three others. To set up a call, please contact our Information and Events Co-ordinator.
  • about the content and structure of our training: click here.
  • about a graduate minister’s experience of her heart opening here.
  • about  graduate minister, Clive Johnson’s experience of the training here.
  • about the answers to some of our more frequently asked questions here.

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To enrol for our autumn 2018 programmes, please contact our Central Office Manager.