Andrew Tree


What was it that first called you to train as a OneSpirit interfaith minister? It was in 2002, during a period of persistent spiritual enquiry. I was visiting Findhorn and ran into Nicola Coombe who I knew from previous visits. She had just started at what was then the Interfaith Seminary, and her enthusiasm was infectious. I remember my immediate “yes”!

In what year were you ordained? Ordained in 2005, I was then a mentor for two years.

What is your minister’s vow, and your relationship to it? My equivalent is my Coach/Mentor/Facilitator’s purpose statement. “Touched by the core of who I am, I enable sacred connection, lighting the fire, enticing the genius.” This is the foundation for all my work.

What was the most important thing that changed in your life as a result of the training? The internalising of my connection to source. I retain a vivid memory of a guided visualisation Miranda led us through on an early weekend. Opening doors to the sacred, backed by one of those intriguing sound tracks that Miranda loved to use.

How does your ministry or your life’s purpose manifest in the world now? A few years back, needing a more focused and effective way to bring my work to the world, I went back to school to earn my Professional Coaching credential and accreditation. A transformative experience and very essence and purpose centered. I now have a private coaching practice, most of which I do by phone.

I also work with a local non-profit, Boys to Men Tucson, as a mentor, mentor coach, and training facilitator. We run community and school based programs for teenage boys. I have a group of eighteen 14-18 year old boys at a local High School who I meet with once per week. We create and hold spaces in which the boys feel safe enough to share in depth about the challenges they face, and support them to identify, and commit to, possible solutions,

I am part of a local, and very diverse, men’s network that challenges patriarchal, and toxic masculine, beliefs and behaviours through meetings and trainings.

What main sources of inspiration or guidance do you draw on for your continuing spiritual journey? 1. Michael Singer’s The Untethered Soul has been kicking my butt for the last couple of years. 2. My daily yoga based movement and breathing practice. 3. The desert, canyons and mountains of southern Arizona.

Where is your ‘edge’ currently — what most challenges you on your path? Trying to remain compassionate and curious in the current highly polarized and dysfunctional politic and social environment.

How do you envision your ministry developing in future? 1. Creating and offering group coaching programs for young men. 2. Focusing some of my coaching practice specifically on working with men who wish to explore and embody healthy, presence oriented, masculinity. 3. Using my speaking skills to progress social agendas.