Christopher Marcus

What was it that first called you to train as a OneSpirit interfaith minister? I experienced a baby blessing held by an interfaith minister, Annie Blampied, and was inspired to find out more.

In which year were you ordained?    2007

What is your minister’s vow, and your relationship to it?

I don’t feel comfortable with the idea of having my vow printed here. It is very personal and in flux, and I’m concerned it might become ‘fixed’ if it’s out there — and I don’t want that to happen. What I can say is that my vow has changed over the years, and it is also my calling and what I want to live up to.

What was the most important thing that changed in your life as a result of the training?

After the training I felt a complete lack of interest in my previous profession of 35 years as a theatre director. However, I notice this is just beginning to shift now — 10 years later! One of the things I then went on to do instead was to become a mentor on the OneSpirit training, and later joined the teaching faculty, to accompany other people as they train to be ministers.

How does your ministry or your life’s purpose manifest in the world now?

Everything I do is my ministry, including coping with my shadow.

What main sources of inspiration or guidance do you draw on for your continuing spiritual journey?

My family, friendships and Anthroposophy.

Where is your ‘edge’ currently — what most challenges you on your path?

Standing up for myself when there is conflict in my relationships, and learning to give voice to the protagonist in me. This is wrestling with my shadow, which prefers to bypass conflict by withdrawing into the belief that, ‘it’s all my problem’.

How do you envision your ministry developing in future?

I don’t know. Each new day is the future…

Christopher Marcus is a member of OneSpirit's teaching faculty.