Danielle Wilson

What was it that first called you to join the OneSpirit training?

I had been looking for a new direction in my life and had gone down a few dead ends. But I was not clear in myself what it was I was looking for. Then, when I read the description on the website, everything about it resonated immediately at such a deep level and I just KNEW that this was IT!!! (Even though I had no idea what it would really mean, it just resonated so soundly that I trusted that.)

In which year were you ordained?    2006

What is your minister’s vow, as taken then, or since updated?

Version that I use now (it has been shortened since 2006): I vow to walk the sacred path with honesty, integrity, compassion and love. I vow to hold the light for others embarking on the sacred path.

What was the main thing that changed in your life as a result of the training?

Enhanced spiritual self-awareness. Better grasp of a metaphysical God. Recognition from my friends and family of this important step in my life.

How does your ministry or your life’s purpose manifest in the world now?

My original intention for my ministry was to work with the dying – to be a soul mid-wife. That never really seemed to arrive in an easy fashion. I stumbled upon the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity and immediately, I could see that already I had been promoting these laws (unwittingly!) in my work for OneSpirit as Finance Officer. Now I see my ministry as supporting those who struggle with their prosperity/abundance issues, to trust in the inherent abundance the Universe has to provide, and to trust in the Divine to bring that abundance their way.

What main sources of inspiration or guidance do you draw on for your continuing spiritual journey?

Metaphysical readings, particularly from Church of Religious Science (the work of Ernest Holmes), Unity Church (work of Charles Fillimore), and Fr. Richard Rohr.

Where is your ‘edge’ currently — what most challenges you on your path?

As I approach an age where retirement might become a reality and/or necessity, how to deal with the issues that arise as a result of not working/not contributing/etc.

How do you envision your ministry developing in future?

Not really sure. I expand my knowledge of prosperity every year, and continue to find ways that serve well in my area of work — helping students to get their fees paid. I can only imagine this will continue to strengthen more and more in the years to come.