Dawn Russell

Dawn Russell_preview.jpeg

What was it that first called you to train as a OneSpirit interfaith minister? I was in need of restoration after a few years of deep challenge. I knew of OneSpirit through being a guest speaker on Earth-based Spirituality for many years, and felt the training would be a regenerative and nourishing experience. I also felt that the journey of OneSpirit was close to my heart and so to become part of the Faculty and to help offer this profound and much-needed space for the exploration and embodiment of our spiritual selves feels good, excites, inspires……

How has your background prepared you for this role?

I have worked for many years in therapeutic communities and psychotherapy, witnessing others’ (and my own) suffering, and how the power of compassion and community can be a healing balm to the wounds of life. Then I found my own deep, yet un-named and hidden, spiritual connection reflected in Earth-based traditions and a missing piece was fulfilled in me. I have brought these experiences together and have been offering them in service for almost 30 years.

What is your personal vow?

To help water the seeds of compassion (healthy self-love) and connection with the Divine Mystery (within and all-around)

Other than your work for OneSpirit, how does your ministry manifest in the world now?

My service has many threads. I help people to find their own divine nature through the Divinity of Nature. I hold ceremony to help people through rites of passage and to engage in active prayer. I offer myself as a compassionate witness, companion and guide to those who seek healing and deeper knowledge and connection to themselves and to Spirit, Mystery, the Divine…….. I am committed to bringing out the love within all, even in the most hidden places.

What main sources of inspiration or guidance do you draw on for your continuing spiritual journey?

Nature; the sea, the wind, the earth and hearth/heart fire all bring me to this present moment and to the Mystery. Teachings from any spiritual/mystical path that help me to perceive the greater essence of life and writings from inspired people. Also my wife, Lorraine.

Where is your ‘edge’ currently — what most challenges you on your path?

My challenge, my edge, is to stay awake and aware enough to hear and feel the whisperings of life’s movement and calling — and to follow, flow with this movement.

As stated above, Dawn Russell has been a visiting speaker on our training programme for many years. She is one of four Group Tutors appointed to work with the Year 1 class starting in October 2017, when she will also enter Year 2 of her own training as a OneSpirit minister.