Jackie Amos Wilkinson

What was it that first called you to join the OneSpirit training? I didn’t intentionally join the training to become a minister – I was attracted by the ethics of the New Seminary. When I read them, I knew I wanted to live from those principles and be part of this community.

In which year were you ordained?    2004

What is your minister’s vow, as taken then, or since updated?

To be Peace, to serve Love, to champion Wholeness: this is my Truth and my vow.

What was the main thing that changed in your life as a result of the training?

The training led to my ordination, which turned my life inside out - literally. I started living the truth of ‘God in me’ as well as ‘me in God’. The training brought me home to my heart and the Self within - it gave me a deeper connection to, and reverence for, all things.

How does your ministry or your life’s purpose manifest in the world now?

My life is my ministry, so everything I do, whether teaching or playing with the grandchildren, is ministry. The vision I wrote for my ministry when I was creating my minister’s manual was, “to be of service by inspiring and encouraging others to live their highest truth within the context of Love, Peace and Joy”. I enjoy and sense that I am fulfilling my purpose by being part of a process (the training) that gives people back to themselves; helps them find the God within.

What main sources of inspiration or guidance do you draw on for your continuing spiritual journey?

Nature is a particular source of inspiration, as is Life itself. Current favorite teachers are Eckhart Tolle, Ouspensky, Matthew Fox, and Jason Shulman. I love finding new (to me) sources of wisdom either by travelling to experience different forms of spirituality or by reading books that are recommended to me. The Four Fold Way by Angeles Arrien, and the Aquarian Conspiracy by Marilyn Fergusion, are the latest two such books. Travel wise - immersing myself in Moogi’s non-dual approach in India, and enjoying the delightful mix of Shamanism and Buddhism in Mongolia, are recent experiences and sources of inspiration.

Where is your ‘edge’ currently — what most challenges you on your path?

My edge is to be willing to give voice to the authentic Self that is ever in the process of becoming more aware of its Self. The challenge is to truly welcome all aspects of myself and of life.

How do you envision your ministry developing in future?

Unusually, I find I don’t have an answer for this. I notice I am happy to be with what is and to stay in the present for now.