Marcus Sorensen


What was it that first called you to train as a OneSpirit interfaith minister? I was called forth to the training by a wonderful Brennan Healing Science colleague who completed the first year of training some time ago. Her way of speaking with kindness and clarity to groups of people inspired me, and I wanted some of that for myself! The freedom to explore faith in a non-dogmatic way was also appealing, and the welcoming energy of an OSIF Open Day did the rest.

In what year were you ordained? 2015

What is your minister’s vow, and your relationship to it? I will remember who I am. I will remember who you are.

This vow connects me to my soul qualities and to those of my clients. It helps to dissolve the constraints of ego, time and space that otherwise obscure the soul-level connection, and it gives me an embodied experience of Oneness.

What was the most important thing that changed in your life as a result of the training? Finding my gravitas: being able to take myself seriously when I step up in service of the One.

How does your ministry or your life’s purpose manifest in the world now? I provide bespoke wedding, funeral and rite of passage ceremonies, as well as spiritual counselling as part of my private therapy and energy healing practice. I also work with Life Between Lives regression hypnotherapy, helping clients connect to their soul’s purpose. The work is always a privilege, and sometimes also quite hilarious: changing into ministerial robes behind a tree for a woodland funeral, trying to ease the ring off the wrong finger on the bride after a wedding, or having a Great Dane pad in through the door during a regression hypnosis, and lick the client’s hand just as they are about to meet their spiritual guide!

What main sources of inspiration or guidance do you draw on for your continuing spiritual journey? I draw great inspiration from my clients, whose questions and life journeys bring me into deeper self-reflection and connection with the One. This reminds me of Indra’s Web: we are crystals on the great Web of Life, all reflecting facets of one another, bringing more and more clarity to our collective vision.

Where is your ‘edge’ currently — what most challenges you on your path? I also conduct neuropsychology research at PhD level, and it is sometimes quite a stretch to accommodate neurons and spirit simultaneously. However, when I expand my being widely enough, there is an easy bridge from cell to soul: divine mystery in the function of the human brain and mind, and a sense of structured and interconnected precision in the workings of spirit.

How do you envision your ministry developing in future? Sharing stories, ideas and insights from my ministry, therapy and neuropsychology work in books and workshops… and being the most supportive father I can possibly be for my 2-month-old daughter Lily!