Board of Trustees


antoinette doocey

Antoinette grew up with a deep awareness of Mother Earth, Spirit, our human interconnectedness and the wholeness of all. Her 30-year professional career included senior health and social care management roles in Ireland — working in service innovation, policy development and governance — and she was an advisor at national and European levels. Antoinette trained in various alternative healing modalities, and travelled extensively in her exploration and training in different world faith paths. In 2011 she established her own management consultancy based on the practice of cotemplative inquiry, helping clients to build strong, sustainable organisations deeply rooted in spiritual values. Ordained in 2017, she is committed to developing Contemplative Leadership, which evolves from living in relationships based on unity with self, others, nature and God. These relationships, she believes, are the source and focus a of leader’s awareness, influence and vision. They guide ethical behaviour, create trust, and provide deeper meaning and purpose for achieving an individual, group or organisation’s mission.


sylvia robertson
vice-chair of trustees

Sylvia grew up with a love for physics and mathematics, which led her ultimately to a career in the telecoms industry. Working on the international aspects of the telephone network, she was fortunate to travel to many countries and to work with people from many different cultural backgrounds. She was also involved as a volunteer with groups of physically disabled adults for over 40 years — helping to organise annual holidays, social events and fundraising, and holding positions as treasurer and chair. Ordained in 2014, Sylvia has become interested in storytelling and how stories can be used as a means of bringing about healing, providing inspiration and allowing wisdom and truth to be received on some deep level. Following the death of her long term partner and wife, she recently returned to her native Scotland and is now living in Findhorn.


Gloria Ogunbadejo

Gloria is a mental health professional, activist, and trailblazer with a prolific career in advocacy, journalism, and broadcasting. With over 30 years-experience, Gloria has worked with key organisations such as Mind, Medical Foundation, The Women's Therapy Centre, The Arbours and Women in Prison. Passionate about issues affecting women, she has worked tirelessly to bring about awareness and has been influential in legislation passed affecting refugees, asylum seekers and trafficked women throughout the UK and Europe.  A veteran journalist and broadcaster, Gloria currently writes a weekly column, Mental Health Matters, for The Punch Newspaper in Nigeria and an on-line blog on the human condition, something she feels passionate about through her own lived experiences and love for humanity. Having had a profound experience as a student with OneSpirit and ordained in 2014, Gloria is delighted to be appointed to the OneSpirit board of trustees.


susan mashkes

Susan has had a varied career, and the winding path continues. After working in banking, government and insurance in the US and the UK she realised, as she had approached her 50s, that she wanted her life to be more about service and connection. She trained as a Psychosynthesis counsellor, qualifying in 2004, and has maintained a small therapy practice ever since.  She then embarked on the OneSpirit training, was ordained in 2011 and became a mentor a year later. Most recently, she trained as a purpose guide and taught an online university course on discovering one’s purpose – rather late in life she’s recognised that purpose is her passion!  Susan thought she had “retired” in 2013. And, rather unexpectedly, she has just come out of “retirement” to take up the position of training manager at the Psychosynthesis Trust, which seems to knit together all her various careers.