Course Details & Fees

Training programme overview
The first year of our programme runs over eight weekends, involving two training days Saturday and Sunday, 9.30am to 5.30pm, in London, with students arranging their own accommodation, and finishes with a 3-day residential retreat in the summer. The second year of the two year programme will also involve eight weekends and a final retreat.

Enrolment for our training programme commencing in October 2018 is now open.  There will be a series of Introductory Days around the UK and Ireland from March 2018.

Enrolment for this class will close on Monday 15 October.

Venue and dates
Venue and dates for training commencing October 2018 are available here.

Fees in 2018
Two year training: £8,814
One year training: £4,407

Course fees include:

  • All classes
  • Student reference manual, including readings related to the training sessions
  • Ongoing mentor support throughout the training
  • Upon successful completion of the one-year training, a certificate in ‘An inquiry towards Oneness, Service and Awakening’ is awarded.
  • Upon successful completion of the two-year training, graduation as a graduate and Fellow of the OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation, including Graduation Certificate, and ordination as a OneSpirit minister, if mutually agreed between student and OneSpirit
  • Accommodation (on a shared basis) and meals at the end-of-year retreats in Years 1 and 2

Payment options
Fees may be paid for the two-years upfront, or
For each year annually, or
By monthly payments spread over over 20, 30, 40 or 60 months 

Other costs

  • Books
  • Travel to retreats
  • Travel to study groups
  • Ordination Stoles – usually around £100, should you require one (when the two-year training is completed)
  • Three supervision sessions in the second year
  • Recommended ongoing spiritual counselling/ direction/ accompaniment

Post Graduate Training
Post Graduate courses and CPD training is being developed and offered throughout the year.

Funding your training

Professional and Career Development Loans: OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation is registered as a learning provider with the Professional and Career Development Loans programme (PCDL), administered by the Skills Funding Agency. The aim of a PCDL is to support and encourage students to take responsibility for, and to invest in, their own learning. A PCDL is a commercial bank loan which students can use to help pay for learning related costs. The Government pays the interest on the loan whilst the student is in learning and for one month afterwards. Students must then commence repayments as they would any other commercial loans product. More general information about PCDL can be found on, or call 0800 121 8989.

The National Careers Service: The National Careers Service offer advice on funding and depending on your personal circumstances can put you in touch with trusts or charities who offer funding for further education.  Call 0800 100 900 (open from 8am to 10pm).

Funding Your Training – An Introductory Guide: Rev Geraldine Bown has written an introductory guide to funding for your training which you can download from the link below.

Crowdfunding Campaigns: For further information on crowdfunding campaigns, click on the link below.

Scholarships: We offer a very limited number of scholarships to outstanding applicants. Please note that there is high demand for these scholarships and that they are awarded on the basis of the following criteria:

  • that you will be an outstanding student
  • that you represent or serve a disadvantaged/under represented community
  • that you express your commitment to others and the common good
  • that you demonstrate leadership potential
  • that you demonstrate that you would not be able to meet the fees for the training without the benefit of the scholarship award

To be considered for a scholarship, firstly please complete a student enrolment form, then download the scholarship application form below and email this, addressed to The Scholarship Group, to our Finance Officer – Danielle Wilson – at:

Bursary Fund: We welcome contributions to our bursary fund and encourage those who can to contribute, so that those who cannot pay the full amount may still undertake the course. If you would like to make a contribution of this kind, please contact the finance office on 0330 120 1996 – option 3 for further details.

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