9:00 am — 5:00 pm

London, United Kingdom
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How can we learn to develop the qualities of some of our most admired spiritual teachers like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mother Teresa? As we move to that place within ourselves that is guided by the Higher Self (instead of the ego), we will cultivate greater compassion, humility, and wisdom.

Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) is defined by Cindy Wigglesworth “the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion, while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the situation.” It is composed of 21 skills which can be assessed and developed.

The SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Assessment is unique in its depth and rigor. It is a faith-neutral yet faith-friendly (and atheist-friendly) self-assessment. Expertly created and carefully validated, this tool helps people see where they are on on the 21 skills of Spiritual Intelligence. It is designed so that you can use it with corporate clients, private clients, or any organization or faith-based group.

The next European training will be in London Sept 6, 7 and 8. Geraldine Bown is an SQ21 certified coach and part of the Training Faculty. She will be co-facilitating this event and you can find out more about here and register your interest. Feel free to contact her if you’d like to have a chat about it.



September 6 at9:00 am
September 8 at5:00 pm
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