Teaching Faculty

Our tutors are a dedicated, experienced and diverse group, working with the intention of being a peer learning community for each other, and continually paying attention to the inner as well as the outer work that the curriculum requires.


jackie amos wilkinson
DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION + post-grad Mystery & Mastery core tutor 

Jackie’s interest in inclusive spirituality started as a child growing up in different countries — including Egypt, Aden and Singapore. She did degrees in Philosophy and Psychology, and a Masters in Business Administration, then worked mainly in the charity sector helping to develop organisations, training programmes and services to reach groups of people most at risk in society. Before training as a minister, she was National Director of Services for the Samaritans, and sat on various charity boards and Governmental steering committees. Jackie has been involved with OneSpirit ever since her ordination as a minister in 2004. She served at different times as mentor, trustee and interim manager, and oversaw the establishment of the Interfaith Ministers Association. She has been a Tutor on OneSpirit’s training programmes since 2009, and was appointed Faculty Lead in 2015. She lives in Surrey, has two grown-up children, and three grandchildren.


nicola coombe

Nicola’s work is deeply influenced by her experience of being both South African and British, and these diverse cultural, political, spiritual, and natural landscapes. Her underlying impulse has always been to seek connection with that which underpins Life and makes it Sacred. She has degrees in Social Work; in Psychology and English; and an MBA, in which her thesis explored the inner process of change. Nicola’s work has included key roles in Life Line in South Africa; directing a development programme for black and women executives at the University of Cape Town’s business school (AIM); strategy and leadership development within Gemini Consulting; and campaigning for the ordination of women in the Anglican Church in South Africa. She worked in strategic development within the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, where she is now a trustee. Based in London and married with one son, Nicola was ordained in 2004. She has been a OneSpirit tutor since 2005, was for most of that time Seminary Leader up to 2015, then served as Focaliser of OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation up to November 2017.


christopher marcus
core tutor

Christopher’s ministry is built on the foundation of 34 years of being involved as a director and teacher in Spiritual Theatre, based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, working through the Mystery of the Spoken Word. This led him to the borders of what can be called entertainment, and to the core question of what it means to be one’s True Self. Going through the portal of ordination as a OneSpirit interfaith minister in 2007 was the answer to his search for authenticity. Since then he has used the discipline of Spiritual Counselling to help others come closer to their True Self. A OneSpirit tutor since 2009, Christopher sees the training process as offering a container for deepening one’s relation to The Divine through ritual and ceremony as well as nurturing the wonder of human interaction in the intense group work offered by the curriculum. Christopher is married with three children and lives in East Sussex.


annie heppenstall
core tutor

A prolific writer, Annie has published ten books, among which The Book of Uncommon Prayer (2015) captures the range of her inspirations most fully. Its subtitle reads: ‘Liturgies and Prayers exploring inclusive language and biblical imagery of the Feminine Divine and the natural world’. Her degree and MA from Cambridge University, in Theology and Religious Studies, focused on “the beautiful, mystical core” in the sacred texts of different faith cultures. Annie’s lifelong love of nature led her to train and be initiated as a druid with the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids. She is an elected Area Minister of the Third Order of the Society of St Francis (a Christian contemplative order), and an interfaith chaplain in an NHS mental health team. She has a son, is married to a Church of England priest, and has lived for 30 years in the culturally diverse inner cities of the English Midlands. She joined the OneSpirit faculty in 2016 and was ordained with OneSpirit in 2018.


dawn russell

Dawn’s greatest passion is to be part of the human experience that unfolds when we come together in a heart space to achieve something for the greater good of all. She started her working life in therapeutic communities and worked with many aspects of psychotherapeutic practices such as art therapy, psychodrama and group dynamics. After many years of exploring earth-based spirituality and healing practices (often under the umbrella name of shamanism) she became co-director of Eagle’s Wing College of Contemporary Shamanism, and co-founder of both Celebrating Woman, and Medicine Woman, Medicine Ways. Over the last 20 years Dawn has been offering one-year courses and short courses in healing, earth connection and practitioner training. She has also developed a one-to-one practice offering many lenses to help people know, love, heal and accept themselves, and in turn to know themselves as part of the Divine, Great Mystery of life. Dawn was ordained with OneSpirit in 2018.

2018-10-05 14.53.13.jpg

group tutor

Sheila is a proud African whose heart still thrums to the beat of that continent’s soil, despite living almost in Europe for almost four decades. Her mental, emotional and political framework has been very much informed by a human rights perspective, which was the prime motivation for both her embryonic Marxism and study of journalism. However, the call of Spirit insinuated its way into her heart and the shortcomings of Marxism then became intolerable. Thus began her very active journey of spiritual exploration. This exploration, at its heart, commenced with a form of Paganism which then evolved through Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity, to her present understanding of the Divine being expressed through many traditions and faith paths. Recently retired from 28 years as a Church of Ireland minister, which included 27 years of chaplaincy and teaching, she was ordained with OneSpirit in 2017 and served as a OneSpirit mentor from 2017 - 2018.

Tim and Jenny and Loz wedding.jpg

group tutor

Tim was ordained in 2013, served as a mentor 2016-2018 and is an active celebrant and spiritual counsellor. He works extensively as a storyteller, exploring how folktale, fairy story, myth and legend lend themselves to live performance. He is equally comfortable spinning stories under bright theatre lights or in muddy festival fields. Tim also has a keen interest in the healing power of story and our deep human need for profound and varied narrative. A member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, he is on the organisation committee for the One Tree Gathering, which fosters learning, understanding and networking between different Earth-Based Spiritualities. He graduated from Sheffield with a degree in Physics and Philosophy, is a practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and an avid fan of board games and lengthy walks over the hills. He is currently based in the East Midlands.


group tutor

Juanna has worked as a Steiner Waldorf Class Teacher since 2003 in London. She had an experiential awakening on the importance and healing power of embodied music in children’s lives, especially the music that they make themselves. Her love of music is motivated by its healing capacity when developing our voices to listen deeply and weave community. Juanna’s ministry has a focal point of serving all those who support the development of openhearted, resilient, co-creative and independent children. Juanna originally studied fine art in Ireland where she was born and this love for creating and working with what is present inspires her work with ceremony. Her spiritual path continues to unfold and is currently inspired by the radical and heart centred community of Findhorn where she lives with her daughter. Juanna was ordained with OneSpirit in 2016.

Screen Shot 2018-10-10 at 12.26.24.png

group tutor

Una has worked as an Occupational Therapist and mental health service manager for over 3 decades in Ireland and London. She is a qualified Gestalt psychotherapist who believes that allowing vulnerability in a safe situation will lead us towards experiencing sacred support. She has trained in Family Constellation work. She was ordained a OneSpirit Interfaith minister in 2017. Joining the OneSpirit Interfaith family has demonstrated for her sacred support as a felt experience through the practice of spiritual counselling, ceremony and joint endeavour. Another beautiful lesson for Una on the Interfaith course was the use of creativity as an expression of our spirituality. Una has a fine art degree and has had her paintings in a number of exhibitions, she plays music and writes. Una now lives in Spain on an avocado farm. She uses her garden for conducting ceremonies and is learning to grow food and speak Spanish.

MacDonald, Sarah 2019.jpg


Sarah was fortunate to encounter T'ai Chi aged just 16 and she's been practising ever since. T'ai Chi led to Qigong, a related Taoist practice which includes meditation, healing, creativity and spiritual development. She is now a respected teacher of the Hua Gong style. Wishing to find stronger means of embodying the benefits of her practise in the world, she joined OneSpirit and was ordained in 2014. She served as a mentor for the class of 2017. The healing practise led her to explore health in all its forms and she holds an MA in Health Education. She has worked extensively in the voluntary sector, supporting people with addictions, mental health issues, homelessness and a history of offending before joining the Bristol Cancer Help Centre in 2003. She is now responsible for developing psycho-spiritual education programmes for people with cancer, and for training and accrediting facilitators to run them. She has an abiding interest in holistic health and healing, a strong call to sacred activism and an abiding love of the wild. She lives in Bristol with her husband and 3 teenagers.



Ross was ordained as an interfaith minister in 2018. He is also a herbalist and has been practising for 20 years, using plant based medicines, nutrition and spiritual accompaniment to help his patients move towards greater well being. Ross also teaches practical herbal medicine. Ross and his wife spend a lot of time in the natural world where they feel closest to the divine mystery. They teach plant spirit medicine and also run a horticultural therapy project for people experiencing mental health issues or going through a life crisis. Together they also run short supported retreats from their home for people needing space to heal and nurture themselves or seeking guidance at a time of crisis. The herbal medicine, horticultural therapy and retreats bring together two strands that have always been central to his life, namely his love of the natural world and his calling to be a healing presence in the world.



From her early career in global advertising and communications — working in the Paris and London-based European HQ of the world’s largest advertising agency — Treacy has always been passionate about connection. When she returned to her native Ireland, she used her experience in corporate sales and marketing to start her own healing practice, Straight to the Point, and connecting the dots through the passage of the heart became her motto. Little did she know nearly 20 years later, just how poignant and significant those words were to be in her unfolding to Ministry. Ordained in July 2017, Treacy is now living her vows, which are an evolution of the threads she has already woven to date. She is passionate about evolving organisational structures from the heart, with the fundamentals of human connection as the bedrock of the success of any group of people coming together for a common purpose.

Sheppard, Jane - new 2016 a.jpg

Jane Sheppard
group tutor

Jane’s work weaves education with art and ancient wisdom.  She is passionate about the honouring and nurturing of authenticity and trained initially as a primary teacher specialising in art, world religions and multi-cultural education.  The training introduced her to ancient methods of working with clay which became the main route of her work.  She moved into Further Education working principally as lecturer in ceramics and art therapy for 15 years, supporting the students in her role as lead tutor. Jane’s ceramics speak of the origins of humanity and have been exhibited widely.  She has led many workshops for groups, schools and teachers and took a sabbatical year in Africa researching the spiritual qualities of clay, returning to run workshops in the Kalahari desert supported by the British Council and University of Namibia. Since her ordination in 2018, Jane’s focus has been on supporting the dying and bereaved, including the development of her funerary urns.  She is a trained listener for Samaritans and volunteers with end of life care at her local hospital.  She lives with her teenage sons and a bearded dragon.

visiting speakers

We also draw on a richly talented panel of visiting speakers to share their specialist expertise, for example about the different faith paths.

Buddhism - Claire Genkai Breeze

Chinese CosmologySimon Carey-Morgan

ChristianityRev Peter Owen JonesRev Ray Gaston, Interfaith Studies tutor for The Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham

Judaism Rabbi Debbie Young-Somers, West London Synagogue; Charlie Buchanan

HinduismJay Lakhani, Hindu Council of the UK

IslamHalima Gosai Hussein, chair of the Inclusive Mosque initiative; Dilwar Hussain

Modern teachings - Tineke BracknallAdele Napier, Findhorn Foundation

holding & Support

The Faculty’s work is given further depth, accountability and safe-guarding through extensive supervision; our commitment to listening inwardly to OneSpirit’s direction; and through dialogue and inquiry with colleagues in related fields of work.