As a result of the Trustees’ decision to invest in the future of OneSpirit, we will be expanding the capacity of the faculty team and creating the new role of Group Tutor, with effect from the start of the new training year in October 2017.

Four Group Tutors have been recruited to the faculty team taking the new first year class. They will be working with Christopher Marcus, one of our very experienced Core Tutors.

The four are: Karen Dempsey, Neil Deuchar, Chloe Greenwood and Dawn Russell. Karen and Neil were ordained in 2016. Chloe was ordained in 2013, and served as a mentor in 2014-16. Dawn has been our visiting speaker on Earth-based Spirituality for several years, and is currently doing the training herself and about to enter Year 2.

Jackie Amos Wilkinson, Faculty Lead, will be working closely with this first year tutor group, tutoring the tutors, setting up good working practices and ensuring they are well supported.

“All the new tutors are remarkable people in their own right, and together they have the potential to be an even more remarkable team,” said Jackie. “Each will teach a specific part of the curriculum and help with assignments, as well as undertaking the tasks that mentors did in the past”.

Restructuring the faculty team is this way, “enables us to look at new ways of working both with students and with tutors,” she said. “It recognises the importance of the role volunteer mentors have played in our training, and brings that role more fully into the faculty team.

“The intention is to build and broaden the expertise and wisdom of the faculty team, and to ensure we have a larger pool of people to meet the Foundation’s staffing needs in future.”

In total, 29 people applied to be considered for the new posts, and 10 were interviewed. Short profiles of the four new Group Tutors, and all the faculty, can be seen on the Teaching Faculty page.

The Year 2 class resuming its training in October will retain the same holding team structure as last year, in which Nicola Coombe and Annie Heppenstall acted as Core Tutors, supported by a team of Mentors.

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