How the training unfolds

In the first year we work primarily with strands 1 and 2: the process of personal awakening, and the inquiry into faith traditions. Alongside this, our spiritual counselling approach is introduced, as is some exploration of ceremony. This first year is in itself a complete training course that stands on its own merit, making the movement into the second year a choice rather than an assumption.

In the second year the transition to a life of service becomes more explicit, with a deeper focus on strands 3 and 4: learning the art of spiritual counselling, and the capacity to design and hold ceremonies. In parallel, we keep our attention on how this relates to systems of thought and faith that are inclusive, holistic and universal.   We develop these skills partly by revisiting our own life’s journey with fresh awareness, looking closely into the transitions of birth, childhood and adolescence, partnership and marriage, death and loss, and healing. In healing our understanding of our own lives we develop the capacity to be present to others in ways that are inspired by grace, compassion, humour and trust.

Read how student ministers experienced the different strands of the training, in their own words:

Kevin Mallen on exploring different faith traditions

Fiona Horwood on her self-directed learning project

Whether or not graduates use the skills of spiritual counselling and creating ceremonies explicitly as ministers after ordination, these powerful tools provide an inner matrix and channel for disciplined development of the capacity to listen deeply for the voice of the Sacred – and to choose to create consciously, in whatever field of life this is expressed. The second year experience is further deepened with an invitation to offer service by undertaking a short work placement or creative project, and with the creation of an integrated summation of the work of the two years in the form of a minister’s manual.

We intend that the curriculum should provide a framework that is clear in its delivery, free in its creativity, and accountable to the needs of the world, in order to meet each student’s unique journey. That we also take this path within a passionate constellation of fellow travellers is part of an underlying commitment to co-creation and the rise of group consciousness.

Click on the image below to hear from three graduate ministers with their experiences of how the training unfolds.