Samantha Radford

Samantha Radford

I have a personal lived and professional life experience of supporting learning-disabled adults, people of difference who through disability and health, experience marginalization and diversity. These experiences have shaped who I am today.

My spiritual home is amongst the elements and nature’s landscapes which feed my soul. I am at one with the oneness.

I love to create prayer, blessings, ceremonies, and rituals which warm and heal the soul, honour those who are nearing the end of their lived life experience, celebrate those embarking on new adventures, and commit to one another through relationships.

Crafting joyous ceremonies to celebrate life; through many milestones in a lifetime and beyond encompassing love and grief.

In addition, through a devoted sacred space, your heart, and mine can create we can explore through spiritual accompaniment what’s deeply moving within you and needing to be heard or seen. We can share readings, poems, or prayer, knowing that the Divine source of love is not only holding you, he or she is guiding you to your truth.

All ceremonies are uniquely crafted in openness, oneness, playfulness, and boundless tender-heartedness.