Mystery & Mastery Post-Grad Programme

the map we follow

The programme landscape is a weaving of the Hindu Chakra system and the Buddhist Eight Fold Path and is hosted across eight intensive retreats over four years. The retreats will be structured loosely around aspects of the Chakra system and the Eight Fold Path so will focus on energising and integrating the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects ministers of lives.

Facilitated by OneSpirit faculty, the retreats include meditations, yoga, rituals, reflection exercises, body work, art work, music, small group inquiry and individual spiritual insight sessions. Between retreats, participants maintain community through spiritual practice, co-counselling sessions, holding small inquiry groups, monthly conference calls, and actively being part of a Love in Action group, which is an opportunity to explore new ways of manifesting love in the world.

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1st Retreat
Base Chakra to represent our energetic foundation and the foundation of the group; conscious beginning and group contracting. Right View or Whole Vision to consciously direct our life energy to the creative and healing work that fosters wholeness and encourages our conscious evolution. Energy colour red – feelings of being grounded and finding your place in the world.

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2nd Retreat
Sacral Chakra to represent our relationships and basic emotional needs and pleasure; constellation work, intimacy and deep shadow work. Right or perfected intention provides an ethical foundation for life based on our vows and the principle of non-violence to oneself and others. Energy colour Orange – feelings of well being and abundance – issues around ability to accept others and new experiences attachment and addiction.

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3rd Retreat

Solar Chakra to represent our ability to be confident related to personal power and transition; power and authority roles and process phycology. Right or Perfected Speech: communication that is clear, truthful, uplifting and non-harmful speech. Energy colour Yellow – feelings of self worth and self esteem – issues around fear, anxiety, guilt depression.

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4th Retreat

Heart Chakra to represent our ability to love, have compassion, and care for ourselves as well others and the earth; social action, field work and deep democracy. Right or Perfected action liberates our emotional intelligence and frees us to act from love and compassion: an informed heart and feeling mind are free to practice letting go. Energy colour green – feelings of equilibrium, joy and inner peace – issues around rejection, conditioned love, forgiveness and commitment.

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5th Retreat

Throat Chakra to represent fluent thought and ability to communicate and express ourselves: public speaking, using the arts and technology as a form of expression. Right or Ethical Livelihood integrating all aspects of life, work, spiritual practice and family life.  Energy colour turquoise – feelings of greater emotional intelligence, being in right place right time and sense of inter-being – issues around repressed creativity, aloneness, not knowing my purpose, I don’t have a voice.

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6th Retreat
Third Eye Chakra to represent our ability to see the bigger picture, move beyond duality and recognise harmony; sound and movement healing, and working with subtle energies. And Right Effort or Diligence to strengthen wholesome qualities and understanding; seeing the nature of reality and the path of evolution. Energy colour indigo – feelings of balancing higher and lower self and trusting inner guidance – issues with valuing our own contribution, ability to make decisions, lack of trust, being the rebel and over expectation.

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7th Retreat
Crown Chakra to represent our connection to spirit, inner wisdom beauty and bliss, art work, meditation, mandalas and Whole Concentration to represent the establishment, not just the focusing of the mind, but also of the whole being in various levels or modes of consciousness and awareness. Energy colour violet – feelings of connectivity, emotional being ness and a sense of purpose – issues with physical action, selflessness, why me, lack of appreciation.

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8th Retreat
Integration, acceptance, completeness to represent the Union of all things and the Whole Self; visioning, self-observation, creative modeling and Being in the world. Using Awareness and Mindfulness for Reality – things, feelings, thoughts – and for others and oneself  “if you hold yourself dear watch yourself well”.  Energy colour ice white – feelings of Wholeness, Oneness and Peace – issues with overwhelm, independence, diversity, and losing oneself.