In Memoriam: Martin Barker


With great sadness we share the news that Martin Barker died on Tuesday 3rd July. 

Martin was ordained with OneSpirit in 2006, and was an active member of the Findhorn Community where he lived. Alongside his love of the land and nature, Martin was a gifted musician, which he generously shared at many Community events over the years. 

Some of our minister community have offered the following tributes - we welcome your own in the comments below. 

"In 2001 Martin was a guest at a wedding ceremony I held in Castlerigg Stone Circle, Cumbria. He was so inspired by the idea of Interfaith ministry he went on to train and was ordained in 2006.

In 2008 Martin and I were participants in the Foundation Programme at Findhorn. He was a brilliant musician, leading singing together and drumming for many of our community events. Martin also encouraged me to lead a song and dance I created when we studied together. He was a joy- bringer.

Martin worked for many years in Cullerne Gardens and loved being outside in nature. 

Personally I will miss his wonderful bear-hugs and big, warm smile.
Bless you Martin, and thank you for your love."

- Rev Susanna Michaelis

"I knew Martin for 5 years, living at Findhorn, and really enjoyed playing music with him at ceremonies and rituals and conferences.
I appreciated his strong masculine energy  and valued his friendliness, and good company.
Martin felt very strongly about grieving healthily.
Ritual and rites of passage were his passion. He loved to celebrate.
It's the space where his spirit would truly fly, when he was in his element.
He showed strong leadership in this in his community.
We felt his presence strongly last night as we held him in heart and mind at the Threshold choir, and send him love on his ongoing journey."

- Chloe Greenwood

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