How I Serve: An introduction to ‘Awakening to Spirit’ by Alison Whittall

OneSpirit minister Alison Whittall shares some inspiring new work:

“It is with great joy that I share with you this new website:

Here is one of Alison’s original heart songs as a blessing:


For 2 decades Alison has been drawn to and immersed herself in silent retreats, satsang and awakening to the universal truth ‘that lies at the heart of all spiritual traditions’.

Alison says ‘I was ordained with The OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation in 2018 and whilst I absolutely love the profound depth and freedom that the training offers and I thoroughly enjoyed the experiential diving into the faith traditions during year one, and the in-depth transformative journey into spiritual counselling, I didn’t really see myself focussing solely on leading ceremonies. I was very drawn to the aspect of the course that is about spiritual awakening and the recognition that in the deep mystical heart of each tradition is this one spirit, this universal truth.

Having said that I did actually lead a big funeral last autumn for a friends mum and it was a great honour. Over recent years writing seems to be flowing through in quite a prolific way. There has been deep transformation and brokenness in my life on many levels and yet it is all an opportunity to go deeper and wake up. Sometimes I am literally awoken at 3am with some fresh insight or revelation that I simply am compelled to somehow capture in words. So what began to arose was an idea of a blog and this was going to be my second year self directed task.

However I was thwarted at that time with the hurdles of understanding the machinations of host providers and wordpress and it all looked far too daunting and almost impossible to tackle.

However, during the time in the curriculum of inspirational talks I found a way to send Annie my talk as a video through YouTube - it was entitled ‘Who am I?’ and is featured on this new website - it was simply spoken into my iPhone camera - totally unplanned and intuitive, having failed at several attempts to think through and plan the assignment!

‘Resurrection is the life giving realisation that who we think we are is an observable image, watched by a deeper formless awareness, That I am. Unknowable, ungraspable, imperishable and infinitely here’
Alison Whittall

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So - after the transformational portal of ordination last July 2018, somehow in that liminal place this website began to emerge. I am amazed actually at the response, especially as much of this site is pointing people with humble gratitude, towards beings that have helped to transform my life and who are living examples of the embodiment of universal truth.

I genuinely feel that ‘I’ am not the doer of this expression. It is flowing through me and the more I am empty, the more it flows. It is genuinely following a deep intuitive guidance.

Deep gratitude and love also to my OneSpirit class who were and are awesome and also our devoted mentors, Sarah, Tim, Peter, Derek, Stevenson, Sheila and Rosalie and beloved tutors Annie Heppenstall and Nicola Coombe.

Miranda Macpherson had her powerful awakening experience in the cave of Ramana Maharshi.
He says, “The ‘I’ removes the ‘I’ yet remains the ‘I’.”
Such is the paradox of Self-realisation!

I hope you enjoy this work dear friends many blessings of love and peace to you all.

Rev Alison Whittall
B.Ed Hons, ROSIM member

‘What is awakening but the cessation of the dream that I am a separate self?’

Alison Whittall

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