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Faculty Vacancy: Group Tutor

We're hiring! Join our Faculty

Being part of the faculty of OneSpirit is an extraordinary experience – one that seems to take us to the edges of our deepening, to the heart of our courage, and to all the corners where our shadows lurk. We are committed to working as a constellation that in its truth is One Mind, One Heart, and expressing One Curriculum. It is a creative and passionate and humbling endeavour.

We are pleased to receive your inquiry, and to include you in the process of attuning to the future of the faculty team.

With my love, and on behalf of the faculty,

Jackie Amos Wilkinson
Faculty Lead
OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation

Vacancy: Group Tutor

Group Tutor roles available across our training options in London, Northern Ireland and our new online Distance Learning Pilot. You can learn more about our training offers here. 
Self-employed and part-time 11 month contract
Applications close Friday 13th July, 2018

Summary of Group Tutor Role

  • Works with and under the guidance of a core tutors on one or more teaching programmes
  • Supports the key aspects of teaching, spiritually counselling students, offering pastoral care, marking assignments and occasionally teaching.
  • Works alongside other members of their team(s), within the wider faculty team and within the overarching direction and support of the faculty lead
  • Self-employed and part-time 11 month contract
  • As a guide, we expect the level of renumeration for this self-employed role to be somewhere in the range of £6,000 to £15,000, depending on the number of students and whether the group tutor is able to work across more than one study centre or year.

NB: All new tutors join the Foundation in a probationary capacity of 6 months.

Group Tutor Responsibilities

  • Offers regular spiritual counselling to individual student group
  • Attends and participates in a structure of meetings and/or communication within your team of tutors
  • Participates in monthly meetings and communication with wider faculty team members to ensure appropriate connection, dialogue and communication takes place
  • Attend occasionally training meetings and an annual faculty retreat
  • Oversees and facilitates their student’s study group meetings
  • Monitors reviews and assesses progress of students, including the criteria for progressing from year one to year two, and for being accepted for ordination
  • Works with core tutor to prepare for, and co-deliver, up to 18 training days with students (including one retreat per year)
  • Assesses and comments on student assignments, case studies and manuals, returning them within six weeks to the student
  • Where applicable, help prepare and deliver the Ordination ceremony
  • Participate in regular individual and team supervision
  • Provide pastoral care for students
  • To be up to date with and fully compliant with of all OneSpirit’s policies and procedures
  • To be up to date and willing to use all OneSpirit’s technical platforms and systems

Group Tutor Person specification

  • A qualification, or its equivalent in experience, in spiritual counselling
  • A well-developed capacity to facilitate esoteric spirituality and adult development
  • Excellent group facilitation and interpersonal skills
  • A developed capacity to inspire enthusiasm for spiritual development and communicate the energetic quality of presence
  • Ability to co-operate with core tutor, the broader faculty team and all others involved in supporting the training
  • Teaching experience, and a qualification or equivalent in the practice of supervision
  • A well-developed commitment to your own spiritual development
  • Authentically witness connection with God/Spirit in your way of being.
  • Desire to develop, learn and work within a team environment
  • Have or be willing to acquire the necessary technical systems require to do the job