OneSpirit’s Focaliser, Nicola Coombe, this week announced her resignation from the post, though she will stay on as a core tutor for the class of student ministers who next month enter their second year of training.

In a letter to all OneSpirit ministers and students, Nicola said that during a four-week break in August, “a clear voice arose from what feels like an underground river, speaking in a distinct, peaceful and joyful direction…. I saw that the time of my holding the formal organisational leadership energies of OneSpirit is now to be released, to allow the next phase of my life to emerge”.

Nicola pictured at this year’s Ordination Ceremony for new ministers on 29 July

She was ordained in 2004 and joined the faculty the year before our founder, Miranda Holden, left in 2006. Nicola led the faculty from 2007, most of that time as Seminary Leader until 2015 when she took on the newly created role of Focaliser, with executive responsibility for focusing and leading all the activities of OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation. She will step down as Focaliser in December, after working 3 months notice.

In a letter to ministers and students the following day, OneSpirit’s trustees said that Nicola’s decision “comes after many years of inspired and dedicated service, in different roles, within the organisation. While we shall be writing more fully…. to acknowledge and share gratitude for the key role Nicola has played in the evolution of OneSpirit, we wish at this juncture to express our immediate thanks to Nicola — on our and the community’s behalf — for all she has done and continues to do in this field of spiritual awakening.

“We also wish to confirm,” they said, “that the needful processes for new and existing students are securely in place, and that the board will be continuing their work with the leadership and management teams, and our support for the faculty, as we transition to the next stages of our development, and our 21st anniversary.”

Last month, the Foundation announced that, “As a result of the Trustees’ decision to invest in the future of OneSpirit, we will be expanding the capacity of the faculty team and creating the new role of Group Tutor, with effect from the start of the new training year in October 2017”. Details of the new faculty structure and appointments are on the Teaching Faculty page.

The board and the focaliser team will be meeting at the end of September to decide on next steps.

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