The statement below was issued yesterday (30 Jan) by our sister organisation in the United States, One Spirit Learning Alliance, in protest against the ban on citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries entering the USA. OneSpirit in the UK is proud to stand in solidarity with our American friends.

“One Spirit Learning Alliance has worked for 15 years training ministers and spiritual counselors from the values of unity, justice, and compassion – values that lie at the heart of all religious traditions. We have a collective responsibility and an opportunity to respond to the grave challenges that face not only our country, but also our entire world.

One Spirit is taking a stand against the racist and islamophobic actions of the current White House administration, actions that fly in the face of everything we stand for as a New York-based organization, an American organization, and a heart-centered organization.

This week, we were shocked when the President announced that residents from seven Muslim-majority countries – many of them legal residents and many of them refugees – would be banned from entering the country, effective immediately. This happened on the very same day the Administration released a pallid Holocaust Remembrance Day statement that whitewashed the extermination of Jews from the Shoah. We will not allow this government to whitewash who these new laws are targeting: Muslims and people of color. And while he continues to call for a wall on our southern border to keep out Mexican immigrants, we will not be silent and let him build a wall around America’s heart that has welcomed immigrants throughout our history. These actions are immoral and totally unjust. These actions must be met with fierce love and radical nonviolence.

At One Spirit, we are guided by a principle of oneness, and our mission to foster the evolution of a spirituality that is based on interconnection and wholeness has only been bolstered by the divisive rhetoric of the past year. We will not be silent and we will do whatever we can to oppose these unconscionable acts of intolerance and fear-mongering by praying with hands together and our feet in the street. If you are in the NYC area, please check our FB page for updates on ongoing actions around the city. As we have seen, public outcry can lead to change. For our family across the country and around the globe, please take whatever actions you can. Know that we stand in loving solidarity with you.

Wherever you are, we invite you to take a breath right now and say a prayer for peace in this world. Wherever you are, know that we are all together, part of the same family.

We are one spirit.”

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