A working group on the future of the Interfaith Ministers Association calls for advice and engagement from ministers

During 2016 a working group of trustees and staff began looking at how OneSpirit’s relationship with its ministers might formally evolve. For practical purposes, we refer to this as the ‘Future of the IMA working group’, while not wishing to limit the possibilities to continuing with existing structures.

The leadership team had recognized that this was an essential matter, and the six person working group (names below) was mandated to scope out the work. It pulled together a broad initial picture of the options for going forward, and a broad analysis of the context of the work.

The original intention was for this group to work on behalf of the minister body and develop a proposal for options that would then be shared with the minister body for consultation.

We now want to make this process more immediately transparent and inclusive, by inviting expressions of interest from those who feel they could contribute to the scoping process. It would be important for anyone joining this group to commit to meeting with us and making time for it.

If you wish to engage at this time with any thoughts, but can’t volunteer for the working party, please feel warmly invited to send your contributions to Lindsay, who will copy them to the rest of the group.

If you are interested in joining the working party, please describe the relevant experience you would bring to this task. We envisage the working group could be expanded by two people. If there are more offers, we could either interview or ask those who put themselves forward to agree between them who would best serve the working group on behalf of others.

Please send your expressions of interest, or any advice, to Lindsay by 6 February.

With our thanks and welcome.

Cathy Slow, Jan Storey, Alan Briscoe, Lindsay Jarrett, Rob MacLachlan, Nicola Coombe

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