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“A traveller I am, and a navigator, and everyday I discover a new region within my soul.” – Kahlil Gibran

Happy July to all! This is the time of year our hearts are fullest, as we gather around our graduating students with immense love and dedication. The excitement is real as we approach the Ordination ceremonies, a time to honor and celebrate the immense achievements of our soon-to-be ministers. Yet, the celebration doesn’t end there — our Spiritual Development and Ministry Training Program remains open for enrollment. And what’s more, our Early Bird Special is actively in place! For those contemplating this life-changing journey, now is the perfect moment to quench your curiosity and familiarise yourself with our offerings. Considering joining our dynamic family? Seize this opportune moment and partake in an Intro Day. It’s the perfect entrance to the rich, spiritual landscape that OneSpirit nurtures, and an excellent chance to leverage the Early Bird Special. Reminder: Enroll by 1st August to benefit from this discount. Being part of such an energetic and soulful community during these significant moments brings a sense of awe and wonder. We invite you to join us, to engage fully in the spiritual voyage we are embarked upon. Let’s grow, celebrate, and evolve together with OneSpirit during this wonderful season of spiritual enrichment and community joy. What a magnificent time to be together, diving deep into our spiritual paths and honoring the transformative journey of our ministers-in-the-making. Wishing you all good spirits & good health – Kailee xx

A message from our dear Nicola…

In writing to Alan to confirm my resignation from OneSpirit’s employment I said I had very mixed feelings and great clarity. The clarity is because the decision has come from a compassionate inner direction. The mixed feelings are that it was made clear that I’d always want to do this work, and that waiting for that to diminish wasn’t a signal that would come. And yet, alongside this, it is time to step away. At the moment my next steps aren’t known. The feeling is of a blank page – and of needing to not agitate to fill it.

The power that moves through our curriculum in OneSpirit – touching us in all our roles and before and after ordination – is a completely extraordinary and living Presence. I believe we are deeply blessed to be part of the potency that it invites. Its medicine is transformational. Its impact brings vitality to every gesture that our shared work as ministers brings to the world.

Whilst stepping away from teaching our core programme and all the other roles I’ve held within our staff body, I am not stepping away from our community nor from being a supervisor. I will always champion the way that our definition of ‘minister’ is first of all an inner alignment with Life’s sacred nature, perhaps expressed through our vow. And that everything that we are and do, whether we ever do anything ‘public’ with our service or not, is an act that affirms Love’s reality, and thus makes change in ways visible and invisible.

But for now, leaving is not my focus at all! We are immersed in the portal that this year’s Ordination is opening. Towards Glastonbury, we go! Come and join us at Vow-taking on 18 July and at Ordination on the 20th. In deep gratitude.

– Nicola x

Join us in Celebrating Nicola Coombe 

OneSpirit warmly invites everyone touched by Nicola’s remarkable journey to share their farewell messages and thoughts. As Nicola embarks on a new venture, let’s collectively express our appreciation for her distinguished 19-year service. Nicola’s profound influence as Director/Focaliser of OneSpirit, as Seminary Leader, as part of the Faculty, as a Supervisor, and as a cherished colleague and friend, has been transformative. With her departure in September 2024, let’s honour Nicola’s legacy by celebrating her contributions and offering our support and best wishes for her future!

If you’d like to leave a message for Nicola, please complete this form here: https://farewelltonicola.paperform.co/. Your messages will help us shape a celebration for September’s iConnect.

Your Insider Guide to Ordination 2024

Towards Ordination 2024: OneSpirit in Prayer, Peace-Making, and Community

As we journey closer to the 2024 Ordination, we’re calling upon the entire OneSpirit community to come together in spirit and solidarity. This invitation extends to ministers, students, friends, family, staff, trustees, and all who support our 2024 Ordinands. We welcome you to join us at 07:00 BST for 30 minutes on Tuesday mornings for our ‘Prayers and Peace-Making in Community’ sessions. These sessions are crafted to bless our ordinands and enrich the connections across our community. While we gather for half an hour, those who need to may leave after the first 15 minutes following the meditation segment.

In July, we have only 4 sessions left: a precious few opportunities to partake in this collective effort of weaving miracles through prayer and peace-making. These sessions represent a valuable opportunity to join forces in spiritual practice, not just for the sake of our ordinands, but for the profound benefit of the wider community and world. Our gatherings are designed with a four-fold intention to enhance the experience and commitment of everyone involved:

  1. Deepen Dedication: For our second-year students, these sessions aim to deepen their dedication towards ordination, providing a sacred space to connect more deeply with their path. It also serves as a moment for existing ministers to re-dedicate themselves, while offering their support and guidance to their peers.
  2. Foster Community: We seek to foster a stronger sense of community within and across our diverse body of graduates, as well as among the friends and families of the ordinands. It’s a time to celebrate unity and shared purpose.
  3. Welcome New Roles: As OneSpirit continues to evolve, we look forward to introducing and welcoming our staff into new roles. This gathering is a moment to breathe life into the newest chapter of OneSpirit, embracing the growth and change that propels us forward.
  4. Manifest Peacemaking: Ultimately, these sessions serve as OneSpirit’s prayer for peace-making, manifesting our collective wish for peace for all beings at this significant moment.

Join us via Zoom on Tuesdays from 07:00 – 07:30 BST (AM) for this meaningful collective practice:

  • Dates: 2 July, 9 July, 16 July & 23 July
  • Format: Held online via Zoom (click here!)
  • Meeting ID: 814 2098 1728
  • Passcode: 753725


Vow-Taking Ceremony

Additionally, during this month of excitement, we eagerly invite our OneSpirit Ministers to a beautiful Vow-Taking Ceremony—a pivotal celebration of our students’ path to ordination. Your attendance is not just welcome; it’s deeply cherished as we come together to honour their diligence, commitment, and the momentous transformation upon which they’re embarking. This ceremony is a crucial moment on our students’ pathways, representing the apex of their steadfast effort and profound dedication. It’s a transformative occasion for everyone involved, and as they are poised to embrace their ordination, your presence bestows the invaluable gift of feeling genuinely supported and cherished by their community. This exclusive gathering is intended for our OneSpirit Ministers and is a time to bond, celebrate, and exude the love and community spirit that is our hallmark. Please note that while we hold our OneSpirit students in high regard, this event is especially for celebrating and bolstering those on the verge of ordination, within a space shared by those who have previously navigated this journey. Confirm your attendance here: 2024 Vow-Taking Ceremony.

When: Thursday, 18th July, 2024 at 7:30 PM
Where: Ammerdown Conference and Retreat Centre, Ammerdown Park, Radstock, BA3 5SW


Ordination & Graduation Ceremony

We’re brimming with eagerness as this month brings the time to celebrate and honour our remarkable students and everyone who has supported them. It’s nearly here, and we can hardly wait for the festivities to begin! We warmly extend an invitation to join us – friends, family, supporters of our soon-to-be graduates, our much-respected ordained ministers, and the whole beloved OneSpirit community, including your acquaintances and companions.

It fills us with immense joy to announce that we have more than enough room to welcome all of you who wish to join this significant event in person! Fully embracing connection, we will also provide a live stream of the ceremony, allowing you to join in the celebration from anywhere – find the link below. We’re preparing for an occasion that’s so much more than a ceremony—it’s a spirited tribute to transition, achievement, and the incredible journey our students have embarked upon. As we come together to honour their transition into an exciting new chapter, your presence will greatly amplify the love and support that permeates the heart of this gathering.

We’ll be ready to welcome guests starting at 1:30 pm, with the ceremony scheduled to begin at 2 pm and conclude by 4 pm. We’ll also have light refreshments available afterwards. We invite you to wear anything that brings you joy and comfort on this profoundly celebratory day! Please let us know you’re coming here: Ordination 2024 Invitation!

When: Saturday, 20th July 2024 at 2 PM – 4 PM
Where: Glastonbury Town Hall, Magdalene St, Glastonbury, BA6 9EL

Live Streaming of the 2024 Ordination Ceremony

We are thrilled to announce that the Ordination Ceremony for 2024 will be live-streamed, allowing us to continue the cherished tradition from years past. No matter your location around the globe, you have the opportunity to join us in celebrating the incredible achievements of our students! For those who might have missed last year’s livestream, we’re pleased to confirm the ceremony will once again be accessible via Zoom. This platform enables you to be a part of this extraordinary day from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you choose to be! To ensure everyone can connect easily, we will also reshare the link on the morning of the Ordination, which is scheduled for 20 July. We look forward to having you with us, virtually or in person, to honour and celebrate our 2024 Ordinands.

  • Date: Saturday, 20th July 2024
  • Time: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM (The live stream will be accessible approximately 10 minutes before the commencement of the ceremony and will conclude at the ceremony’s end).
  • Format: Held via Zoom (click the button below or here for the link!)
    • Meeting ID: 242 076 7775
    • Passcode: 960392

    OneSpirit’s Professional & Personal Development Offerings

    Explore the Transformative OneSpirit Spiritual Development & Ministry Training Programme

    Experience Our Dynamic ‘Live Curriculum’

    At OneSpirit, we are committed to guiding individuals on a rich spiritual journey. Our training programme is meticulously crafted to deepen your understanding of spirituality and equip you to serve as a compassionate interfaith minister in varied environments. At the heart of OneSpirit is our ‘Live Curriculum‘. This unique educational model incorporates hands-on practices and real-world experiences, making your learning journey deeply relevant and continuously evolving. You will engage with a broad spectrum of spiritual teachings and contemporary challenges, preparing you to evolve personally and inspire change in others.

    Benefit from the Early Bird Offer

    Join the upcoming class with our Early Bird special! Secure your place by applying before the end of July and enjoy a £500 tuition discount. We are dedicated to making spiritual education both accessible and rewarding.

    Are you seeking deeper connections, a richer understanding of spiritual practices, and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact? The OneSpirit Training Programme is tailored for you. If a deep yearning for connection, an expanded understanding of spiritual practices, and a desire to make a significant impact through spiritual service resonate with you, then this programme is your ideal path. Now is the time to heed that inner call. Embark on a profound journey of personal transformation and prepare for spiritual leadership. Guided by our Live Curriculum, we will delve deep into the complexities of spirituality and emerge ready to serve with wisdom and empathy.

    Join a community of like-minded individuals committed to spiritual growth and aiding others. Take action now, apply by July to benefit from the Early Bird offer, and let’s transform together!

    Learn more here… 

    Unveil the Magic of the Birch Pathway — Attend Our Complimentary Intro Day Sessions!

    Are you captivated by the allure of the Birch Pathway, keen to discover a world where education meets spiritual awakening? Begin an enthralling exploration with us during our complimentary introduction evenings. These events are far beyond ordinary information sessions—they’re a celebration of learning, unity, and revelation. We’re excited to present 3 more introduction evenings, spanning from July to September 2024. Carefully planned for both Saturday mornings and Tuesday evenings, they’re designed to seamlessly fit into your life. Discover the bespoke experience our introduction evenings offer, led by the insightful guidance of our Birch Pathway Tutor, Annie Heppenstall. Each gathering is an interactive affair, inviting you to share your spiritual path, weave connections with fellow seekers, and potentially ignite friendships that endure.

    Mark your calendar for these invigorating sessions:

    • Tuesday, 16th July 2024, 18:00 – 20:30
    • Saturday, 3rd August 2024, 10:00 – 12:30
    • Tuesday, 10th September 2024, 18:00 – 20:30

    Join us at no cost and with absolutely no obligation. We’re delighted to reveal the wonders of the Birch Pathway to you and embark on a memorable journey of the spirit together. While not a mandatory step for applying to our training, these evenings present a prime chance to engage with us and have your queries addressed before deciding to apply.

    RSVP to one of our Intro Days and embark on a transformative journey! Click here to register your interest.

    We’re also keen to invite all community members to support Intro Days this year! Our goal is to maintain the highest level of transparency and foster open communication. With this in mind, we are eager to provide prospective students with the opportunity to hear directly from ministers who have experienced our training programme firsthand. Don’t worry if you haven’t supported one before, we’ll share lots of prep info with you so you feel prepared! If anyone is available on any of the above dates and would like to support an Intro Day, please indicate your interest here.
    Join a charity of open-hearted people seeking to awaken an inclusive global spirituality We’re recruiting OneSpirit Trustees!

    Are you ready to embrace an extraordinary opportunity to guide a vibrant community towards expressing an inclusive and global spirituality? We at OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation are in search of visionary individuals to join our Board of Trustees. Our noble mission is to awaken hearts and minds, creating a world unified in diversity and enlivened by love and life — and your role is pivotal!

    At OneSpirit, we endeavour to foster spiritual enlightenment by equipping individuals with wisdom across the breadth of the world’s faith paths, through interfaith ministry, spiritual leadership, sacred activism, ritual, and spiritual accompaniment. The degree of impact you could have in steering this transformation is profound. As a Trustee, your wisdom and insights will be instrumental as we aspire to fulfil our purpose with utmost integrity and inclusivity. Serving a 4-year tenure, you will become the bedrock upon which our growth is anchored, with the rewarding responsibility of shaping the future of our organisation alongside a dedicated leadership team. Meetings, hosted via Zoom, offer a blend of formal governance and inspiring collaboration, ensuring that our compass is set toward continued enlightenment and charitable success.

    We are calling out to those with a disposition for forging meaningful connections, a heart that champions diversity, and a natural aptitude for leadership. Prior experience as a Trustee is welcome but not essential; in our garden, different flowers bloom from varied seeds, and we cherish the unique perspective you bring. Embrace the ethos of OneSpirit by becoming a catalyst for spiritual growth and nurturing an environment where unity in diversity flourishes. Honour the sacredness of your role by upholding our treasured Code of Ethics, a reflection of the moral fabric that defines our every action.

    This invitation is open to all, regardless of your individual characteristics. We believe in the strength of diversity to shine within our Board of Trustees, reflecting the richness of the communities we serve.

    Seize the exhilaration of helping humanity awaken to a global spirituality that nurtures all, within the field of love and life. If your heart resonates with our vision and mission, we warmly encourage you to apply or reach out. Connect with us for application forms, and delve into our world to discover more about who we are and the spiritual paths we illuminate.

    Join us — as we journey together, fostering a world awakened! Email admin for more information & an application form by clicking here.

    Embark on a Journey of Reflection & Professional Development with OneSpirit’s Group Supervision

    In our continuous commitment to nurture and support the holistic development of our ministers, we are thrilled to introduce a revitalised offering that promises to enrich your ministry and personal growth! OneSpirit’s Group Supervision sessions are thoughtfully designed to foster a dynamic and supportive environment for ministers to share, reflect, and engage in constructive dialogue with peers, all under the guidance of our accredited supervisors. Imagine a space where you can connect deeply with fellow ministers, exploring the practical and spiritual nuances of your calling. Our Group Supervision gatherings, held on the first Monday of every month, are more than just meetings. They are sacred circles, welcoming you into a warm, safe, and nurturing environment conducive to profound reflection on the myriad expressions of being a minister.

    Why Join Our Group Supervision?

    • Collaborative Learning: Engage in honest conversations, receiving and offering insights that illuminate the shared journey of ministry.
    • Enhanced Professionalism: Through collaborative reflection, uncover invaluable insights to hone your skills, address blind spots, and bolster confidence in your sacred work.
    • Flexible Engagement: With sessions available monthly, you have the freedom to participate at your pace, in a way that aligns with your schedule and needs.

    Session Snapshot:

    • Introduction: A warm welcome and overview set the tone for introspection and connection.
    • Breakout Rooms: Dive deeper in smaller, focused groups, allowing for personalised attention and tailored supervision.
    • Group Size: Limited to six participants per breakout room to ensure a rich, intimate experience.
    • Duration: Each session spans two hours, striking the perfect balance between depth and manageability.


    • ROSIM Members: £40
    • Non-ROSIM Members: £50

    This is your invitation to step into a space of healing and inspiration, to reforge connections with your inner purpose, and to resonate with the collective wisdom of your peers. Discover the profound impact of shared empathy and compassion, all while reinforcing your professional foundation as a minister. This offering is not just an opportunity for professional development but a low-commitment gateway to experiencing the power of group supervision. It’s an affordable means to explore, reflect, and decide on your next steps in the vibrant community of OneSpirit ministers.

    Ready to deepen your ministry’s impact and enrich your spiritual journey? Whether you’re seeking clarity, connection, or simply a space to share and grow, we are here to support you. Embrace this unique opportunity to enhance your ministry and walk alongside your peers in a journey of shared growth and discovery. We look forward to welcoming you to our next session!

    More information will come soon, including times and dates. For now, learn more about our new Group Supervision offering here… 

    The Anti-Racism Reading Group

    We are struggling, in this little group. Struggling to keep ourselves focussed on this work; to make it a top priority among conflicting priorities; to find times and to make time to come together; to invite and include and motivate others to join us.  It’s frustrating and confusing.  I feel uneasy, even anxious, that something so massive in our culture and society, something so potent in my own mind and experience lies so hidden.  I feel the danger and the threat of racism in me and in the world.  I want to do something.  I try to do something.  But how?  But what?  Nothing, it seems, is working.

    I wonder whether and how this might reflect the experience of racialised people. The imperative need for action and change:  The seeming impossibility of action and change. So we stay engaged and involved in the discomfort, keeping on struggling, keeping on wondering, keeping on dreaming and keeping on working.

    We will meet with OneSpirit and with the leaders of the Sacred Work of Anti-Racism Course in August and wonder and imagine how to keep moving this work along. The Anti Racism Reading Group will break over the summer, to re-think and re-group and return, perhaps a little differently, in the autumn.

    And what is your experience on your journey with anti-racism?  What are your wonderings and dreams? What is your uneasiness, your anxiety? 

    We would love to hear from you! You can email me here. 

    OneSpirit’s Supervisor Corner

    Amanda Edwards Supervisor Spotlight 

    What year were you ordained? 2006

    What inspired you to pursue training with OneSpirit? Having followed various spiritual paths throughout my life, I knew it was the right time to be more open about my Love of Love, which is how I relate to God. Meeting Miranda (our Founder) encouraged me to do the training, I knew the time had come and that One Spirit was the perfect path for me.

    What services do you provide? Having done many ceremonies previously, I now concentrate on my offerings of Spiritual Counselling / Accompaniment and Supervision.

    What motivated you to expand your ministry by becoming a Supervisor? I feel I am at the right time of my life when I can give back and support and walk alongside others. Life is about sharing and exploring together. I love the journey you take with someone in supervision, helping to be a listening mirror, so they can find the way that is right for them.

    How do you personally interpret the words “interfaith” or “interfaith minister”? One Spirit is more how I see it. The strap line of ‘Many Ways to the One Truth” speaks to me.

    Read more from Amanda here & meet all of our Accredited Supervisors here. 

    Kathryn Wallace-Holmes Supervisor Spotlight

    What year were you ordained? 2002

    What inspired you to pursue training with OneSpirit? The training touched my heart. I love learning, and being inspired and wanted to explore ways in which I could join with others in having meaningful, spiritual experiences.

    What services do you provide? Providing supervision for those who work as therapists, for those leading ceremonies, and for work in all different aspects of life. As well as Spiritual Counselling.

    What motivated you to expand your ministry by becoming a Supervisor? I wanted to learn and grow by supporting and encouraging others in their work, self-exploration, and spiritual and personal development.

    Why do you believe supervision plays an essential role in developing and deepening a minister’s practices? In the joining with clients, more options, wisdom and inspiration can come than one could get to on one’s own.

    Read more from Kathryn here & meet all of our Accredited Supervisors here. 

    Shianna Ravenlaw Supervisor Spotlight 

    What year were you ordained? 2003

    What inspired you to pursue training with OneSpirit? It felt like a natural step in my awakening journey to join with others in sangha, diving more deeply into the Mystical experience beyond academia and dogma. The call was also to grow the depth of my offerings within my existing Holistic Counselling practice and within the co-creation of inspiring ceremony that brings tangible healing benefits to people’s lives.

    What services do you provide? Supervision, Spiritual Counselling and Accompaniment: one-to-one and couples, Ceremony for Life’s Rites of Passage, Sacred gatherings, Energy Balancing and Breathing practices, Meditation, Chanting, Ancestral Healing, Metamorphic Technique and Indian Head Massage.

    What do you consider the most rewarding aspect of being an accredited supervisor? Joining with another in deep trust and conscientious focus. Both of us growing in awareness and in our capacity to recognise and accept the inner sovereignty of our Divine Truth and allowing it to lead the way home to love.

    What do you consider the most rewarding aspect of being an ordained interfaith minister? My ministry offers me a vehicle through which I can offer a loving presence, my skills and experience. I meet wonderful people, celebrating with them during significant and joyful life events as well as holding healing space during tender experiences of loss, mourning and deep transition. I have the privilege of witnessing the healing journey – the dissolving of the hurts, wounds and scars of life and then beholding the deep joys of pivotal, life-changing insights and awakenings. It is a deeply beautiful and fulfilling path.

    Read more from Shianna here & meet all of our Accredited Supervisors here. 

    OneSpirit’s Community Offerings + Announcements

    *most sections below are ‘clickable’ links, meaning, if you click anywhere within the text or image, it will take you to a page where you can learn more! 

    Share Your Thoughts & Testimonials With Us!
    To establish our organisation further and spread the positive impact of interfaith ministry globally, we’ve set up a Google page! Now, when you tell someone about OneSpirit and they search us, we’ll have a profile. It would mean the world to us if you left your thoughts! Your feedback helps someone who is thinking about engaging with the training, or any of our offerings. This community is so vibrant and we cannot have an ‘online profile’ without showcasing you – you’re what makes up the ‘One’ in ‘OneSpirit’ after all! Fancy leaving a review of OneSpirit? You can scan the QR code below with your phone or tablet, or simply follow the link here.

    A Call for Unity and Support Within Our Interfaith Community

    I hope this message finds you in good spirits and abundant peace. If we haven’t had the pleasure of connecting yet, allow me to introduce myself—I’m Lavinia, your Community Development Lead at OneSpirit.

    I joined OneSpirit in March and have already seen what makes our interfaith community remarkable: its quiet strength and the connection we share. It’s like a vast web, linking us in ways that transcend our individual paths. Knowing that at any given moment, we can reach out, touch this web, and feel the support of our collective spirit.

    Today, I’m reaching out with a special request from one of our own, Martin Nathanael. Martin has been working diligently on a project that holds great potential to enrich our community. He has reached out seeking the support and collaboration of fellow ministers and OneSpirit supporters. It’s a beautiful reminder of the interconnectedness that brings us all together. Please take a moment to read through Martin’s request and see if/how you might offer your support and insight. Thank you for taking the time to consider this call for support. It’s through our collective efforts that we continue to grow and inspire one another. 

    Let’s rally together and show Martin the power of our community!

    Read more here… and contact Martin directly here

    Dear Friends,

    Some of you may remember Interfaith Minister Esther Aronsfeld who was ordained in 2006. I was one of her tutors during the two years of her training.

    Early in 2023, Esther contacted me about a book she was writing on the Jewish festivals and asked if I would give her some feedback on the content. When I agreed, Esther sent me one chapter at a time, and I would return it with suggested changes. In all, I worked on 12 chapters: 2 introductory, 9 on festivals, and 1 on the Sabbath. A few months ago, I received word from one of her friends that Esther had entered the life beyond. She wondered if I knew anything about the book Esther was writing.

    When I told her that I had 12 chapters in digital format, she was delighted, and we then decided, with a few others who had been close to Esther, to form a small group tasked to get Esther’s book published. My role would be to edit the material from what I already had, plus other notes and draft pages which were held by another one of her friends.

    Esther has created a workbook on spiritual unfoldment based on the universal lessons that, irrespective of our faith or belief, we might all draw from the Jewish festivals. Whilst she gives attention to their historical context, her central aim is to draw out their inner meaning as the basis for inner transformation.

    In her introductory chapter, Esther outlines the scope of her work:

    “How the universal themes of each holiday reflect what is going on in our own lives. What are the spiritual tools we need to support our spiritual journey and fulfil our life purpose?”

    If you would you like to learn more about the Jewish festivals, and how to include them in your spiritual life and ministry, this might be an excellent resource for you.

    How could members of the OneSpirit community support our project?

    • If you have personal recollections about Esther you would be happy to share.
    • If you have artistic or graphic design skills these could be helpful for the front & back covers, as well as for one or two diagrams within the text.
    • If you can direct us to sources of finance to help publication.
    • If you could suggest relevant resources such as books or online articles that could be included in an appendix? (We already have some)

    If you would like to get in touch, my contact details are below.

    May all beings know their wholeness

    Martin Nathanael,


    Women’s Effortless Meditation & Wellbeing Autumn Retreat in the Scottish Highlands

    A 4-day, 3-night journey giving you time and space in the beautiful Scottish Highlands (across the water from the Isle of Skye) to retreat from everyday life. Your programme is designed to bring you rest and enable you to re-centre and replenish at the time of Samhain (the Celtic New Year).  As we head into the darker half of the year, this retreat brings an opportunity, and perhaps the permission you need, to settle into the quieter and more reflective inward season of winter. Are you longing for time… space… nourishment Is your being crying out for stillness… to breathe… to relax? Are you intrigued by meditation or searching for an accessible meditation practice you can adopt in life? Are you yearning for the ocean… the mountains… some wildness?

    This women’s retreat is for you if…

    • you would like to take some time out for rest and invite stillness, quiet, reflection, nature and creativity into your life

    • you know you’ll need to come back to the centre, to replenish after the busy outward time of summer

    • you want to connect and spend time with like-minded women

    • you’re intrigued by meditation… perhaps you’ve never tried to meditate… or you have but couldn’t quiet your mind… or never felt you were doing it right… or never got into a regular practice… or maybe you have a practice, but are interesting in exploring an additional one

    • you’re keen to have tools and techniques you can use to regularly bring a sense of retreat into your everyday life

    • you want to turn inwards, to settle, to embrace your inner bear, and move gracefully into the quieter season of winter

    Investment: From £640 — £1,060 per person (early bird) or £768 – £1,272 per person

    • EARLY BIRD ends on 23 July 2024 and bookings close on 23 September 2024

    Click here for more information and to register!

    Updated Governance Framework: Marriage Solemniser/Officiant Registers

    OneSpirit acts as an authoritative nominating body for the appointment of legal wedding solemnisers in Scotland and Northern Ireland, ensuring adherence to legislative requirements and internal governance standards. This role involves maintaining a register of authorised ministers, selecting and training nominees, and upholding professional ethics and complaint procedures.

    In Scotland, OneSpirit collaborates with the National Records of Scotland, while in Northern Ireland, it liaises with the General Register Office for Northern Ireland. Both entities demand that nominated ministers satisfy specific residency, standing, age, and professional conduct criteria. Additionally, OneSpirit supports OneSpirit Ireland (OSI) in its similar responsibilities for the Solemnisers’ register in the Republic of Ireland, under the General Register Office of Ireland’s oversight. OneSpirit Ministers, this information has been added to your ‘Dashboard’ when you log into the website for easy access.

    For a comprehensive understanding of the framework for solemnising legal weddings, please refer to the complete details in the latest blog post.

    Engaging with the Ebb and Flow of Spirituality

    Embark on an unparalleled spiritual odyssey with OneSpirit, where your journey is far from a passive intake of fixed teachings. Instead, dive into an active, collaborative exploration in a living, evolving curriculum that cherishes your individual insights. OneSpirit stands out by integrating a dynamic dance of learning, pivoting on the profound interactions between the educational content, tutors, and, most critically, the students themselves. OneSpirit offers you an adaptive learning environment where the curriculum breathes and changes, influenced by the unique energy and insights of each cohort. Here, your personal spiritual quest actively shapes the class’s direction, fostering a collaborative wisdom pool drawn from the diverse experiences of all participants. As a OneSpirit student, your contributions are key. Your experiences and wisdom don’t just add to the learning environment; they actively mould it, ensuring a rich, inclusive education that evolves with you. This isn’t just education; it’s a living, breathing journey that reflects your own spiritual growth.

    We at OneSpirit honour the sanctity of your spiritual exploration by ensuring a confidential, trust-filled environment. Free from rigid barriers, you’re encouraged to express your deepest truths, fostering an intimately connected learning family. Dive deeper into the OneSpirit journey – a path like no other, where your spiritual education unfolds in harmony with your personal evolution.

    Read the entire post here…

    Universal Worship Services

    We’re delighted to announce that our dear Rev Malaika has shared some wonderful information with us about the upcoming Universal Worship Services! These enlightening services are offered at no cost, with any donations gratefully accepted to support the monastery’s charitable efforts. Join in every third Sunday of each month throughout the year 2024, from 2 pm until 3:30 pm, as we gather in a sacred space that welcomes all, irrespective of faith, to celebrate the spirit of unity and peace. The next service will be held July 21st!

    For further insights and to plan your visit to the Monastery — a haven of tranquillity right in the heart of Manchester — please visit The Monastery’s official website. Here, you can discover more about this extraordinary venue’s history, its commitment to the community’s well-being, and the array of events that take place within its serene walls. We look forward to sharing this spiritual journey with you at Manchester’s modern-day, multi-faith Monastery, where each occasion is imbued with significance and grace. More information: www.themonastery.co.uk.

    Celebrate the International Day of Friendship

    As the International Day of Friendship on the 30th of July draws near, we at OneSpirit are filled with a sense of profound joy and reflection on the essence of friendship that knows no boundaries. In a time when divisions garner much attention, this day serves as a vital reminder of the unyielding strength found in solidarity and mutual comprehension — it’s a celebration of our collective humanity. Friendship, a sacred bond that mirrors the unity of our world, lies at the core of OneSpirit’s mission. As an educational charity dedicated to fostering interfaith dialogue and understanding, we champion the cause of respecting and valuing every individual’s beliefs through the power of friendship. It enables us to harmoniously bridge the diverse tapestry of cultures and faiths that make up our global community.

    This special day not only honours the friendships that flourish across diverse backgrounds but also invites us to forge new ones, opening our hearts to listen and learn from others, thereby enriching our lives and expanding our horizons. Embrace the power of friendship with us and discover how together, we can build a more connected and compassionate world.

    Read the entire post here…

    Ubuntu Podcast Show, led by Rev Malaika

    In Swahili, Ubuntu means: “humanity towards others…”

    The Ubuntu Podcast: I will start from your birth, early memories, childhood friends, and frolics, the teenage years, 20s, 30s, 40s and so on up to the present day…

    I am a sensitive, fun-loving and kind interviewer, with a gentle questioning approach. Before the show, you can inform me of any areas you don’t want to discuss. With this, I invite you to be a guest on the podcast. If you would like to listen to previous shows, please advise accordingly.

    The show is now a podcast, which will launch in May 2024. You will choose at least 4 favourite tracks to be used on the podcast, like Dessert Island Discs, which will last 2 hours. 

    “I am because we are, we are because I am.” 

    For more details or guest confirmation, please contact Rev Malaika directly. 

    Have you seen our recent posts on social media over the past month?

    A reminder about our community feature — Minister Spotlights! It’s hard for me to find specific ministers to spotlight each month, due to the size of our minister community. To make things smoother, I’ve created a form you can fill out for your profile. This form includes five essentials and eight optional questions to inspire you while creating your spotlight. Depending on participation, I’ll publish one or two spotlights each month. This is a fantastic chance to broadcast your talent, services, and distinctiveness to our wider community. The spotlight form will be available in every iConnect. There is also now a special page for Minister Spotlights… meaning, if you partake now, you’ll be one of the first to be showcased! Ready to participate? Just fill out the form below.

    Our website features spaces for fostering connections and uniting community members. The Community Collection page is specially reserved for users to submit their posts. Every submission, be it a book, resource guide, diary entry, song, podcast, or nuggets of wisdom through Instagram, contributes to the collective wisdom available to all. This collective endeavour is especially significant for the ministers and students in our community. Their shared resources or inspiring elements can serve as guiding stars for those in the early days of their spiritual journey, or those who are just needing some inspiration wherever they are. Each piece of wisdom shared stands as a testament that no one is alone in their spiritual voyage. We invite you to submit contributions through the form below! 

    Welcome to our Supervisors Form, designed to showcase your unique voice. As a supervisor, your experience is precious and we aim to share it. In the form, share stories, insights, and services. Complete as much as you wish, no field is mandatory, aside from basic information. If something is missing, add it! This form should be used to highlight you uniquely – complete it in a way that showcases you how you wish to be showcased. We’ll create a spotlight on you and your distinct services, akin to a supervisor’s page on our past site. Visitors will click your name, and access a dedicated page to learn about your contributions. What’s more, you will have a dual profile – one as a minister and one providing deeper insights into your role as a supervisor. We want it to be easy for our students and ministers to find you.

    Awareness, Religious, and Spiritual Days

    *These days come from the Interfaith Network, if a day is missing it is not deliberate! More can be found here. 
    • 06 Jul International Day of Cooperatives 
    • 06 Jul Dalai Lama’s Birthday – The 14th Dalai Lama is, as the incumbent Dalai Lama, the highest spiritual leader and head of Tibetan Buddhism. By the adherents of Tibetan Buddhism, he is considered a living Bodhisattva; specifically, an emanation of Avalokiteśvara in Sanskrit, and Chenrezig in Tibetan.
    • 07 Jul World Kiswahili Language Day  
    • 07 Jul* The Islamic New Year – Also called the Hijri New Year, is the day that marks the beginning of a new lunar Hijri year and is the day on which the year count is incremented. The first day of the Islamic year is observed by most Muslims on the first day of the month of Muharram.
    • 11 Jul World Population Day 
    • 14 Jul – International Non-Binary People’s Day is observed each year on 14 July and is aimed at raising awareness and organising around the issues faced by non-binary people around the world. The day was first celebrated in 2012 and started by Katje van Loon.
    • 15 Jul World Youth Skills Day 
    • 18 Jul Nelson Mandela International Day 
    • 20 Jul International Moon Day 
    • 20 Jul World Chess Day 
    • 20 Jul  Āsāḷha Pūjā – A Theravada Buddhist festival which typically takes place in July, on the full moon of the Āsādha month. It is celebrated in Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Laos, Myanmar and other countries with Theravada Buddhist populations.
    • 25 Jul World Drowning Prevention Day
    • 28 Jul World Hepatitis Day 
    • 30 Jul International Day of Friendship 
    “If it is your nature to be happy, you will swim away along the soft trails for hours, your imagination alighting everywhere.” - Morning, Mary Oliver
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