Further Training : Continuing Professional Development

One of the ways we keep our ministry fresh and relevant is through Continuing Professional Development. This is a conscious approach towards greater confidence, competence and spiritual growth and is evolving all the time.

We can choose to learn and grow through life experiences such as mastering new technologies; learning from events that go well and from those that might be called mistakes; and insights gained from taking on new responsibilities and releasing old ones. Relationships,  children and grandchildren are wonderful teachers too.

Alongside these life experiences One Spirit Faculty are leading  Continuing Professional Development ( CPD) days, weekends and residentials. These may be in venues throughout England and Scotland and may be run in collaboration with other organisations.

CPD events available now:

Mystery and Mastery Explorations

As Interfaith Ministers many of us share a commitment to deepening our spirituality, moving ever closer to the Great Mystery and learning more about ourselves. Several sacred stories offer an invitation to leave” home”, to leave one’s comfort zone and to explore the territory beyond. The adventures and experiences in the unnamed landscape are an essential part of on-going spiritual development. Once integrated, the homecoming is not a return to the comfort zone but rather a return to the original inner home, the home that is within the altar of each person’s heart and soul and also within the body of humanity.

The next Circle of Explorers meets in February 2017. Click here to see the programme.

For further information or to book a place  please contact Lindsay