Nicola Coombe writes: It’s the time before a ceremony that ministers know to invest in. We know that the quiet potency at the heart of an event — be it a wedding, a meal, a summer garden — arises in mysterious proportions to what went into its preparation.

We know this calls us into contemplation about the true purpose of an intention. We know that to call forth the future we need to look into the ‘earth’ from which the present arose. We know that honestly embracing what it is that we are working with is itself an act of forgiveness and encouragement. And we know that this builds sure ground for the new.

Just such an opportunity exists as OneSpirit approaches the start of its 21st year in October. It’s a chance to honour, love, integrate, heal and celebrate what we come from, in order to affirm the truly precious and extremely diverse energy field that we steward. Out of this, the future springs – yours, ours, the world’s.

The concept of ’21’ signals many thoughts, including taking the steps to be a stronger presence in the world. The inner mystery that we serve, individually and as a body, will be a stronger presence if the soil out of which we grow has been given deep, fierce, gentle attention.

The festival of our 21st Birthday Convocation, on 4/5 March 2018, is ripe with possibilities for inquiry, some already underway:

  • What is the context out of which our organization arises? What was happening in 1996? And what called forth our ‘ancestors’ – both organisations and people?
  • What was happening in the world, and in your personal world when you did the training?
  • What does 21 mean to you?
  • What is the ‘world spirit’ and calling that OneSpirit works from at this moment, and what is our relevance Now — each graduate, and the organization? What are we healing to clear our way into this next chapter and its dreams?
  • What does it mean, for us each and as a field of energy, to be in service to an inner Mystery?
  • And…. what is the magnificent vision that you would like to suggest for this two day festival in March next year? Silence; vow-taking; inviting our artists to inspire us to laugh, dream, breathe; inviting our friends, founding influences, and colleagues; dialogue about what it means Now to embody our vows and show up…?

Over the months ahead there will be Touchstone Talks and other invitations to dip or dive into this inquiry. The intention is to prepare our OneSpirit ‘body’ — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually — to be as healthy as possible to experience and express its purpose.

In this we are each the stewards of an extraordinary energy. It is our work to create the conditions for this energy to come into form and relationship. Let’s take hold, again and again, of this profound possibility. Victor Frankl says: “We must turn the truth of ourselves into reality”. And in the grounded words of Hugh Prather: “Ideas are straight. But the world is round, and a messy mortal is my friend. Come walk with me in the mud.”

It is an honour to be together at 11.58 each day, in the field from which we all work: every day, on festival days, and in all that leads up to them.

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