A tribute offered by OneSpirit Minister Fay Barratt, who will hold the funeral service for Janne Land on Friday 1st June at 1:15pm, Eltham Crematorium, London. All welcome to attend.


Rev Janne Land died unexpectedly on the 13th of April, leaving a daughter, two sons and threegrandchildren. We offer them our sympathy and our prayers.

Janne was one of the sweetest souls I have known; a very determined person with a huge zest for life and a real sense of fun. Janne’s life was not always easy but she was always resilient, bringing her sharp, positive mind to all challenges.

Many of you will remember her playing the violin at our ordinations. Janne was a gifted and accomplished musician. Coached to be a concert violinist from the age of 6yrs, she later studied at the Melbourne Conservatoire, before heading for England with her husband and first child. Janne could turn her hand to any stringed instrument. She played and sang in many folk bands, including blue-grass, ran a successful folk club, and taught many hundreds of children, young people, adults and teachers to play mainly guitar and other instruments. In fact Janne was hugely creative, always writing songs and poems, and arranging songs and music; and she was a keen artist & water colour painter.

We remember Janne for bringing her gifts to the sacred. Ordained as an Interfaith Minister in 2002, she accrued a huge range of sacred chants and songs, and developed a real affinity for Sufism and Sufi music.

To quote her daughter Maddy, “Actually Mum went on an Epic Soul Journey this lifetime, from ‘cossetted violin child’ to practical bio-philic wife, partner, mother and grandmother, to deeply spiritual person, also doing interfaith weddings and funerals, She sent much healing and forgiveness, and her life was all interwoven with her unstoppable creativity! I think it was at least 3 lifetimes squeezed into one!”

I am honoured that Janne wanted me to hold her funeral – how did she know she would go first! The family warmly invite you to attend. It will be held on Friday 1st June at 11.45a.m. till about 1.15pm at Eltham Crematorium London SE9 2NL… and afterwards for the Wake at Charlton House SE7 8RE about 15 minutes away.

Her daughter says, “We would love to meet with and thank you, as the Interfaith world was cherished by her! Plus we’ll need you to sing or chant the Interfaith items that she’s requested that are unfamiliar to us!!”

Please would you let me know via my Facebook page if you’re able to come. If you’re unable to attend but have any further thoughts or memories of Janne, then please would you also post them on my page, so they can be added to her Remembrance Book.

Thank you Janne, for your smile, your friendship and your music. May your soul know the eternal embrace of rhythm and melody, movement and repose.


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