Respect Policy

OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation expects students, staff, tutors, volunteers, speakers or other guests at OneSpirit events or training to treat one another with respect at all times. Our staff and faculty aim to be polite, helpful, and sensitive to all individual needs and circumstances.

We do recognise that any of us can, on occasion, feel emotionally overwhelmed and that at such times the ways in which we behave may fall below the standards we expect of ourselves. We appreciate that this is particularly relevant in the course of the training, as the process of going deeper within may bring to the surface old wounds and traumas, and sometimes we can be taken by surprise as hidden emotions and programming ‘ambush’ us. Our tutors expect this and are skilled in supporting students at such times.

However, we will not tolerate aggressive or violent behaviour, or repeated instances of abuse or blame towards others. All those taking part in or supporting OneSpirit’s programmes have a right to do so without fear of being undermined, attacked or abused.

Any form of aggressive or repeatedly abusive behaviour towards others at OneSpirit events or training may result in you being asked to leave the event or training immediately. In the event of such an occurrence there will be no refund for any portion of tuition fees or booking fees.

Any report from tutors or other students of aggressive or abusive behaviour on the part of a student may result in that student’s continuation on the training being subject to review.

The decision to conduct a review will rest with the Executive Director. The review will explore with the student the reasons for their behaviour and will decide whether the student is required to give additional undertakings and commitments to continue the training, whether graduation and/or ordination are to be deferred, or whether the student is to be barred from continuing the training. In such cases where the student is barred from continuing the training, there will be no refund of tuition fees and if the student is on an extended payment plan, they will continue to be liable for the full payment of fees as per their Training Agreement.

Review Panel

The review panel in such cases will be made up of the Executive Director, the student’s core tutor and where appropriate, another senior member of Faculty.

When a Panel is convened, it will in the first instance make contact with all parties and take statements from each, either in writing or through interview. The Panel will aim to make a decision as soon as possible and within 30 days of the incident.

Right of appeal

The student can appeal the Panel’s decision in writing, within 14 days of that decision being communicated to them. The appeal will be considered by a trustee and a senior member of Faculty who was not part of the Panel. They will aim to make a final decision within 14 days of the appeal being received.