What our M&M explorers say…



“Being part of a ‘held’ group appeals to me, as in my ministry I do so much holding.  Finding a way of taking time out from a busy schedule, with like-minded souls, whilst nourishing myself practically and spiritually, has been on the cards for a while. I’m grateful the retreats are midweek, leaving weekends free for work. The fact that the programme lasts four years means there’s plenty of integration time in-between, as well as time for deepening connections with self and classmates. I feel really excited to take another OneSpirit ‘once in a lifetime’ adventure and open myself to healing, growth and fun!”

Angie was ordained in 2004, served as a mentor for the Class of 2006, then as a mentor to the mentors for the Class of 2008. She has lived in the Findhorn Community with husband and fellow interfaith minister Will Russell for 16 years.



“In the years since my Interfaith training and ordination there have been huge changes in my life, including traumas, bereavements, new lives, delightful work holding weddings and funerals, and a whole set of new friendships. I’m attracted to the prospect and the possibilities of working alongside a group of companions and potential friends for four years, to learn with them and from them, to broaden and deepen my own awareness. For me the programme covers the years as I head towards retirement (or semi-retirement), so with another set of changes on the horizon. It feels like perfect timing, and I wonder who will be joining me on the journey?”

Jane was ordained in 2011. Based near Edinburgh, she is an active wedding celebrant, and serves as OneSpirit’s representative on marriage law issues in Scotland. She recently published a widely-admired book, Celebrate Your Love: How to create a unique, modern and personalised wedding ceremony.



“I was attracted to Mystery & Mastery because I want to continue to deepen and strengthen my awareness, understanding and unfolding, which has grown throughout my OneSpirit ministry training. As I write this, approaching the portal of Ordination on 29 July 2017, I am deeply aware this it is not an end in itself. Rather, it’s a new beginning, or new chapter in the growing relationship between strengthening my personal discernment and the quest for harmonious flow of energy; and physical and spiritual awareness in relation to all aspects of daily living. It’s a welcome bonus that the M&M programme is recognised as a CPD merit.”

Antoinette has had a life-long interest in the world’s many faith paths. She has a keen interest in how to incorporate ‘deep democracy’ processes in the development and implementation of public health and social care policy. She also writes poetry and short stories.


“Internally the progression through the Chakra system is proving a lively and challenging spiritual process, filled with colour and depth. There is a wonderful connection through the group to a spectrum of thoughts, emotions and spiritual practice, and a wide sharing of this in all its messy glory!”
- Sue Cockerill

“Mystery & Mastery was the kind, yet challenging “oven” that allowed me to cook more. It helped me further explore and integrate the lessons and experiences of the 2 year programme, and supported me to truly express my ministry in the world.”
- Duncan Coombe

“M&Ms gives me an experience of community, a chance to be myself, warts and all, serious and silly, in a place of extraordinary beauty and nourishment. Hard to top that!”

- Susan Mashkes