Year 2 Student Progress Review


2nd Year Assignments

There are ten required assignments in the 2nd year. Each of these is an important part of the overall assessment process as they give faculty insight into how the individual student is engaging with the curriculum. Each assignment is commented on and returned to the student, so they receive regular feedback about their progress and what needs further work.

Three Month Student Self-Assessment

Each student is required to complete a second three-month self-assessment using the format set out in the programme overview. They assess themselves against the competencies required for graduation and ordination.

One-to-One Tutorial with a Core Tutor

A tutor will review the student’s self-assessment, the end of 1st year review, the tutors’ comments, any issues noted on assignments and undertake a one-to-one tutorial. Any concerns the tutor has about the progress of the student will be discussed at this time and shared in writing with the student with mutually agreed actions and a review date. A second tutorial will be offered to discuss progress and, if necessary, the student will be informed in writing if there is any doubt about them progressing to ordination.

Study Group Peer REVIEW

Feedback from the students’ study group peer review process will be noted on students’ files, as will feedback from their spiritual counselling and funeral client - any concerns will be discussed with the individual students.

End of 2nd year Training Weekends

If students have not been able to develop the necessary competencies to graduate they will be asked to take an alternative route to graduation (re-take 2nd year and encouraged to seek additional support before continuing) and will not be invited to the retreat. The 2nd year retreat is a requirement for ordination. If the student wishes to contest their readiness for ordination there is a review process available.


The second year retreat is seen as time for contemplation and reflection for ordination. After ordination, if a new minister is intending to take up a public ministry they are required to become a member of the Register of OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers.

Group Tutors

Group tutors continue to review regularly their students’ ability to work with the curriculum, the study group process and to engage with them in the spiritual counselling process. Group tutors continue to support the review process and give in the moment feedback and guidance to their students

Before the three-month self-assessment process group tutors will write a brief review on each of their students identifying any issues in relation to the competencies required for graduation and ordination. This review is made available to the core tutors doing one-to-one tutorials and may be used in future reviews.

About two-thirds of the way through the second year, group tutors will hold a study group peer review process. After this process, group tutors will update their review on each student, highlighting any concerns or perceived learning edges.