Reflection for Session 1

You can listen to the prayer and music from the first session here:


You are able to use this prayer and song if you wish. Credit: Arranged and performed by Yvonne Shelton. Additional vocals; Natacha Ledwidge, Revy Fujo Malaika, Rabbi Warren Elf

The book referred to in this first session is, Mindful of Race by Ruth King.


”if I didn’t belong to you I wouldn’t be here, if you didn’t belong to me, you wouldn’t have come. Your heart and my heart are old friends” 

Thank you for attending the first session in this workshop series. Malaika and Sue would like you to use the resources below to support you in your reflection on the issues raised in this first workshop.


  • Subnormal: A British Scandal


Alternative videos if you cannot access BBC iplayer: 

Subnormal: A British Scandal: This film explores the treatment of black children in the UK education system in the 1960s where black children were labelled as less intelligent, which became embedded into teacher training throughout the UK. This film follows the personal stories of individuals who experienced this. If you cannot access the BBC film, below is a Q&A session with the producers and directors of the film. 


Preparation for Session 1

Tuesday 21st February 2023

7:30 pm – 9:00 pm 


Before attending your first session, Sue and Malaika would like you to watch two films, the details of which you will find below. 

If you cannot access BBC iPlayer or ITV player, please scroll to the bottom of this page for alternative films.  

The purpose of these preparations is to support your own personal growth as well as consolidate the Zoom sessions. Please give yourself plenty of time to complete these preparations before you come together for your first session. 

  • Ashley Banjo: Britain in Black and White 
  • Sitting in Limbo    
    • Please watch the TV programme, Sitting in Limbo, available on BBC iPlayer at the link here: Sitting in Limbo Film

 Alternative videos if you cannot access BBC iPlayer or ITV player: 

Ashley Banjo: Britain in Black and White: In this film, Ashley Banjo explores the negative reaction to the Diversity dance on Britain’s Got Talent that acted out the murder of George Floyd. You can watch the dance below, along with an interview of Ashley Banjo with GQ. 

    If you cannot access ITV, you can watch the two videos below:

    (if the video doesn’t load, please use this link: 

    (if the video doesn’t load, please use this link: 

    Sitting in Limbo: A drama inspired by the Windrush scandal, this film portrays the story of Anthony Bryan, who after living in the UK for 50 years was wrongfully detained by the Home Office and threatened with deportation. The films below include an interview with Anthony Bryan, and then other Windrush veterans who share their experiences.    

      • If you cannot access BBC iPlayer, please watch the films below:
      • Watch an interview with Anthony Bryan here, the real-life experience behind the Sitting in Limbo film: Interview with Anthony Bryan 
      • Watch the film below where Windrush veterans share their stories:

    (if the video doesn’t load, please use this link: 

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