OneSpirit provides supervision for ministers, counsellors, and professionals in related fields. Supervision is a recurring, mutually agreed upon process designed to support ministers and students in being more effective in their ministry and/or practice with their clients. It acts as a catalyst for innovation and creativity, empowering professionals to tap into their potential while recognising their limits. Not only does it provide a platform for professional development, but it also fosters a sense of community, ensuring that work never becomes a solitary journey. Through good supervision, spiritual counsellors, ministers, and professionals can develop and deepen their practice- from practical, and professional levels to profound insights, understanding, and self-awareness.

OneSpirit Accredited Supervisors Group: We remain dedicated to promoting the significance of supervision. This manifests in the broad practice of supervision within the organisation and inclusion in our training programs. We maintain a group of experienced supervisors who uphold the standards required for our accredited supervisors’ group. If their text is purple, click their name, photo, or bio to learn more about them!

Adele Napier 

Amanda Edwards

Together with you, I love to find the Light that shines in you and the happiness that this brings, using language that is meaningful to you.

Anne Webber 

Catherine Wright 

“We can let the circumstances of our lives harden us so that we become increasingly resentful and afraid, or we can let them soften us, and make us kinder. We always have the choice.” –Dalai Lama

Joy Gleeson 

Kathryn Wallace-Holmes 

Marie O-Neill 

Maureen Treanor 

Nicola Coombe 

“Thank you god for most of this amazing day”
— E.E Cummings. I often say this on waking and
sleeping, to help direct me..

Nicole van Zomeren 

Suzanne Cohen 

Tim Ralphs

Supervision is a deeply beautiful and essential aspect of our work exploring the mysteries of the Divine. It offers a safe space in which we are fully witnessed, encouraged, blessed and lovingly challenged to keep our connection to Spirit ‘clean and true’. This supports us to serve others – in whatever capacity that may be – from the deepest place of integrity and embodied awareness.

– OneSpirit Minister, Minister & Supervisor, Shianna Ravenlaw

{It is rewarding} to openly work with people who are searching and journeying within.

– OneSpirit Minister & Supervisor, Pearl Kilkenny

I have been in supervision since 1994 when I was training as a homoeopath. It would not occur to me, 30 years on, to work without the sounding board and clarity of a supervisor alongside me, to ensure that I am safe, ethical, clear, and accompanied. In supervision, we can share our concerns and our mistakes, without fear of judgement. We are less lonely/isolated in our work, we have a place to work with our ‘blindspots’, and we have someone who cares and will celebrate with us.

– OneSpirit Minister & Supervisor, Nickie Aven

I am a complete advocate for the role of supervision in a minister’s life as it provides a safe and sacred space to reflect, process the impact and learn from the “live” work of a minister.

– OneSpirit Minister & Supervisor, John F. Doherty

Supervision provides a sacred space where healing, understanding and transformation can begin through reflecting on the challenges and joys of life.

– OneSpirit Minister & Supervisor, Joy Gleeson

I have personally experienced the profound difference that high-quality supervision can make when I’ve felt stuck, conflicted, and pushed to my limits. These experiences of supervision as sacred work have allowed me to be more present with my clients, in deeper relationships with my co-workers and more alive to the world. They led me to want to explore including supervision among the services I offer.

– OneSpirit Minister & Supervisor, Tim Ralphs

I love to be in a safe and sacred space with others exploring our connection to Spirit and growing in awareness and love, as well as honing our professional skills.

– OneSpirit Minister & Supervisor, John F. Doherty

Supervision is essential for anyone who works deeply with anyone else, to help us untangle the threads of “me” and “you”, and to help us feel the pain and the love within any deep encounter. For Ministers, it is especially important in addition to keeping our work in the context of spiritual practice and related to a spiritual path. This path can be narrow and steep and slippery. And it can branch and wander. The mist can come down. We can find ourselves turned around or at a cliff edge. A good Supervisor, with their own embodied spiritual practice, can help us along this path, either because they are a few steps ahead, waiting at the next bend, able to point out pitfalls and handholds to help you along, or because you are there together in the mist, sharing everything you each already know to help you, the supervisee, to take the next right step.

– OneSpirit Minister, Supervisor & Tutor, Sarah MacDonald

The need for Support and Supervision is necessary when navigating our connection to the Divine. The importance of being witnessed and held as others deepen their faith through trust and exploration. To offer a safe space to anchor our Spiritual Counselling Model and learn to use it wherever Ministry calls them to be.

– OneSpirit Minister & Supervisor, Sonya Leite