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Enrolment is Now Open for Our Two-Year Ministry Training Programme ~ Embrace Your Spiritual Calling with the Birch Pathway at OneSpirit!

Embark on a transformative adventure with our Two-Year Ministry Training Programme and transform your spiritual calling into a vibrant reality. Welcome to the Birch Pathway, a distinctive online environment brimming with spiritual enlightenment and dedicated guidance to nurture your path towards ministry. This carefully sculpted journey is tailored to foster your personal growth and fully prepare you for a life of meaningful service through the Four Pillars of Growth: Self-Awareness, Empathy, Holistic Development, and Personal Vision.

Our comprehensive programme weaves together Six Strands of spiritual training, covering an expansive range from global faith traditions, the finesse of ceremony crafting, the art of empathetic listening, spiritual counselling, and psycho-spiritual practices, to the essence of community service. Collectively, they offer an enriched experience designed to cultivate your spiritual and ministerial capabilities.

Dive deeper on our Training Overview Page and discover the breadth of knowledge and wisdom awaiting you. You can also read and listen to testimonials from those who have walked this path before.

The Birch Pathway is more than just a programme; it is the gateway to a life-altering journey towards spiritual leadership and collective flourishing. Embrace this opportunity to journey with us! Whether you’re starting or continuing your journey towards purpose and passion, now is the time to step forward — registration is open until 30 September, with our two-year adventure commencing in October. Let’s embark together!

"I feel more connected with others and am developing a deep listening skill as time goes on. I am calmer, more mindful and more present in everyday life. I see this as an opportunity for self-improvement and personal growth. I am gaining valuable knowledge and the experience of those who have gone before me." – Tony, Current OneSpirit Student

OneSpirit exists to serve people of all faiths and none. Our purpose is to promote respect and understanding between those of different beliefs. We do not promote any particular religious affiliation, belief or doctrine as part of our mission. We are driven by the desire to unite voices, skills, and individuals from all walks of life in a shared space – fostering deep listening, connection, and community.

Born out of a response to the horrors of the Holocaust, our organisation is founded on the desire to promote peace in the world by deepening our capacity for understanding and dialogue and encouraging and equipping others to do the same. OneSpirit is a beacon illuminating the power of human connection, compassion, and transformation. Throughout our existence, our narrative has continuously been redefined while our hearts remain the same – steadfast in our commitment to peace-building, empathy, and acceptance, fundamental elements of our enduring mission.

Established in 1996, OneSpirit is an educational charity that embraces and serves all – those with a faith and those without. We offer a diverse array of short courses exploring themes such as peace-making, inner leadership, sacred activism, embracing diversity, and spiritual counselling. Furthermore, our 2-year Ministry training program nurtures individuals called to serve others, aligning with their authentic selves. We help to educate and enable those called to serve people of all faiths in our diverse communities.

Learn More About Who We Are

OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation, born in the 1970s, wove a journey of unity from diversity and pain. Global peace and healing were its guiding light, led by visionary minds such as Rabbi Gelberman and Miranda Macpherson. Over five decades, OneSpirit nurtured interfaith dialogue, maturing into a vibrant, inclusive community providing spiritual support to all. It evolved as a beacon of hope, offering training transcending boundaries, and touching many lives.

Today, OneSpirit stands as a beacon of hope and transformation, offering training that transcends traditional boundaries to touch the lives of many. In an era marked by beauty, suffering, and intricate challenges, our work has never been more pertinent. As we continue to open our doors wider, inviting more souls to cross the threshold into a shared journey of spiritual discovery, we remain committed to embodying the heart’s truth and extending compassionate support to all corners of our interconnected world. 

Join us in embracing this ever-evolving journey of spiritual acceptance.

Courses, Workshops, Webinars, and Retreats

OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation presents a diverse selection of courses, retreats, workshops, and much more, specifically designed for ministers and the broader public. We lovingly invite you to immerse yourself in the core aspects of spirituality and inclusivity, facilitated by our distinguished OneSpirit faculty and affiliated members.

We provide live courses (both online and in-person to cater to various preferences), ensuring that all who want to participate are able, no matter their location. We’ve pursued this approach because we recognise the distinct needs of our community, and firmly believe that anyone seeking personal growth should have the opportunity to achieve it.

Click here for all our offerings, including some previous opportunities!

Who are Our Interfaith Ministers?

Nurturing unique individuals in diverse spiritual landscapes, our ministers are friendly guides for spiritual growth and committed workers beyond societal boundaries. With an alumni network of over 1,000 ministers, they provide personalised ceremonies, rituals, and spiritual accompaniment for various occasions, including weddings, funerals, and blessings. Our ministers also offer coaching, chaplaincy, healing therapies, inspirational talks and creative workshops.

Their presence enriches life’s special moments as they celebrate and honour wholesome humanity. Seeking a ceremony reflecting your personal values?

Come & browse through our ministers now!

What is Interfaith?

“There is only one river. There is only one sea. And it flows through you, and it flows through me. There is only one people. We are one and the same. We are all one spirit. We are all one name.” – Peter Yarrow

“An Interfaith Minister is truly the bridge between faith and no faith – bringing love to the focus. Whether you have a set belief or believe in the power of people or love; an Interfaith Minister seeks to promote your own wholeness.”

“We are on Earth to take care of life. We are on Earth to take care of each other.” – Xiye Bastida

“Interfaith is not a religion. It walks among the religions. Interfaith begins when we create a bridge between one set of beliefs and traditions and another… An Interfaith Minister ideally is one who turns towards all, regardless of their beliefs or practices, with an open heart and mind, offering them a mirror to their own wholeness and their own divinity.” – OneSpirit Minister, Susanna Stefanachi Macomb

Upcoming Courses, Workshops, and Retreats… 

Group Supervision

This Group Supervision programme is crafted to provide a dynamic and nurturing environment, tailored for ministers seeking growth, feedback, and a deeper connection with their ministry work. Launching with sessions planned on the first Monday of every month, this programme offers a unique blend of support, learning, and professional development in a communal setting. With the flexibility of a drop-in format, participants are free to join sessions as they see fit throughout their duration.

Beginning in 2024 and extending over several months, this programme invites you to engage in meaningful reflection, share experiences, and explore practical issues surrounding ministry alongside peers and a professional supervisor. This is an opportunity to enrich your practice, foster connections, and receive the support vital to navigating the challenges and triumphs of ministry work. This offering is only available to OneSpirit Ministers and will launch in September 2024. More here…

Foundations of Belief

The Foundations of Belief course is designed to introduce you to the foundational beliefs across several global faiths, providing a rich platform for spiritual exploration and self-reflection. Offered entirely online and free of charge, it allows you to engage with the content at your own pace. This course serves as a comprehensive step into understanding the sacred in the ordinary and connecting with a community of learners on a similar path. With seven engaging modules covering a wide range of religious traditions predominant in the United Kingdom, it aims to deepen your perspective on spiritual diversity while encouraging a look into one’s own beliefs and biases.

Join us on this enlightening journey and embrace an opportunity for inspiration and personal growth in your spiritual practice. This course is continuously open and always free to everyone. Find more information about how to enrol on the course page. More here…

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