Upcoming Courses, Trainings, Workshops & Retreats

OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation offers a diverse range of courses, retreats, workshops, and more, tailored for both ministers and the wider public. We warmly invite you to join us as we delve deeply into the fundamental elements of spirituality and inclusiveness, with sessions guided by our esteemed OneSpirit faculty and affiliate members. For more details, please see the information provided below…

Manifesting: A Visioning Day 

Rev Malaika leads an immersive workshop, “Manifesting: A Visioning Day for the Year Ahead”. Reflect, create, and dance your way into prospective opportunities in this one-day course. You’ll design your very own vision board, setting intentions for the year, and fostering connections over a shared lunch. Embrace the year ahead with renewed energy and clarity! Open to everyone.

* Launching January 2024 *
Two people gathered together holding lit candles in their hands.

Spiritual Practice Circle

The Circle is designed to support OneSpirit Ministers with commitment to their vow of continued spiritual practice, as well as support other members of the wider community wanting to deepen their own spiritual practice. The Circle is designed to offer you a structured space to meet with like-minded people to stay in touch with your spiritual practice.  Open to everyone.

* Starting January 2024 *

Faith in Black Lives Matter

Do you want to meaningfully walk alongside your neighbours, ensuring you are an active ally? If this sounds like you, prepare for a journey of enlightenment and empowerment! You’ll explore what Black Lives Matter means to us as individuals, and how we can deepen our understanding in order to better connect with and support our communities. Open to everyone.

* Returning February 2024 *
An altar with incense and small candles.

Living Non-Violence

Eager to embrace non-violence and unlock your inner strength without turning to aggression? Our comprehensive short course dives deep into non-violence, both as a spiritual pursuit and a contemporary movement, equipping you with invaluable tools such as meditation, collaborative sharing, profound insights, and so much more! Open to everyone.

* Relaunching May 2024 *

Previous Courses, Trainings, Workshops & Retreats

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