Assignment: Inspirational talk

Inspirational Talk 

Due by 23 February

Write an inspirational talk that will take no more than 15 minutes to deliver.  


Use this opportunity to deeply inquire into yourself about, for example, an issue, an experience, a knowing, a longing or a teaching that you feel deeply called to share.  


This piece of work can elicit feelings of real vulnerability.  We offer you our support in diving into this, as it can show the way towards a deepening sense of life purpose and expression when taken to heart. 


Please include a max half-page reflection, at the start or end of the transcript of your talk, about why you chose the material that you did, and what the process of working on this particular personal material and process has meant to you in terms of your inner development on all levels – eg. your body, spirit, psychology, family, environment. 


Please upload this assignment via your student portal as a PDF