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OneSpirit exists to serve people of all faiths and none. Our purpose is to promote respect and understanding between those of different beliefs. We do not promote any particular religious affiliation, belief or doctrine as part of our mission.

Born out of a response to the horrors of the holocaust, our organisation is founded on the desire to promote peace in the world by deepening our capacity for understanding and dialogue, and encouraging and equipping others to do the same. OneSpirit is a beacon illuminating the power of human connection, compassion, and transformation. Throughout our existence, our narrative has continuously been redefined while our heart remains the same – steadfast in our commitment to peace-building, empathy, and acceptance, fundamental elements of our enduring mission.

Established in 1996, OneSpirit is an educational charity that embraces and serves all – those with a faith and those without. We offer a diverse array of short courses exploring themes such as peace-making, inner leadership, sacred activism, embracing diversity, and spiritual counselling. Furthermore, our 2-year Ministry training program nurtures individuals called to serve others, aligning with their authentic selves. We help to educate and enable those called to serve people of all faiths in our diverse communities.

Inclusivity, compassion, authenticity, and spiritual transformation are the touchstones of our foundation – guiding our actions and initiatives. We are driven by the desire to unite voices, skills, and individuals from all walks of life in a shared space – fostering deep listening, connection, and community.

At OneSpirit, we envision a world where humanity is awakened to a universal spirituality – an embrace that unites us all in a field of love and life. Our mission unfolds as a journey towards evolving global consciousness, by inspiring open-hearted individuals to awaken their inner leadership and unlock their potential for forgiveness, reconciliation, and peace-making.

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Interfaith Minister

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Courses, Workshops, Webinars, and Retreats

OneSpirit leads regular retreats, workshops, events and courses for any open-hearted seekers who feel called.

Spiritual Development and Ministry Training

Interested in spiritual growth and leadership? Our 2-Year Training may be just the right step for you!

Who are OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers?

We’re all about nurturing unique individuals blossoming within varied spiritual landscapes. Our ministers are friendly guides for spiritual growth, clarifiers of life’s mysteries, and committed workers beyond societal boundaries. Our Interfaith Ministry pulsates with the energy of love, crafting a bridge between faith and its absence. Whatever your beliefs, or if you simply believe in the power of love and humanity, our Interfaith Ministers are here to celebrate the wholeness that is you. We’ve built a diverse network of ministers from our enthusiastic alumni who provide spiritual guidance and spark change. Our training has enabled over 1,000 lovely souls to explore their spiritual identities and make a difference in their communities.

Our ministers provide a wide range of services. These include creating personalised ceremonies and rituals that resonate with your values and beliefs. These can cover momentous events like weddings, funerals, baby blessings, and other significant occasions. Alongside ceremonies, our ministers can also offer spiritual accompaniment, where they provide deep listening and reflection, creating a loving and judgement-free space for your spiritual journey. Along with the above, our ministers also offer more varied services under the umbrella of coaching, chaplaincy and more. This includes tasks such as healing therapies, inspirational talks, and conducting creative workshops. Our ministers touch lives in many settings. Their loving presence makes life’s important moments all the more special.

There’s only one river, just one sea, and it flows through you and me; there’s only one people, we are one and the same. We are all part of OneSpirit and share one name. — Peter Yarrow

Upcoming Courses, Workshops, and Retreats… 

Manifesting: A Visioning Day for 2024

Rev Malaika brings an immersive workshop, “Manifesting: A Visioning Day for the Year Ahead”. Reflect and create your way into prospective opportunities in this one-day course. Held on January 28th, and open to all, you’ll design your very own vision board, set intentions for the year, and foster connections over a shared lunch. Embrace the year ahead with renewed energy and clarity!

Spiritual Practice Circle

This Circle is designed to offer you a structured space to meet with like-minded people to develop and stay in touch with your own regular spiritual practice. Each month will act as a drop-in space, so you can commit to as many sessions as you feel will be beneficial for your own journey.

Faith in Black Lives Matter

We invite you to join us for the next instalment of this popular series of workshops. During the workshops, you will explore what Black Lives Matter means to us as individuals, and how we can deepen our understanding in order to better connect with and support our communities. Asking ‘How can we respond, individually and collectively?’

Sacred Activism: Living Non-Violence

Eager to embrace non-violence and unlock your inner strength without turning to aggression? Our comprehensive short course dives deep into non-violence, both as a spiritual pursuit and a contemporary movement, equipping you with invaluable tools such as meditation, collaborative sharing, profound insights, and so much more! 

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