63 Ordinands become OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers!

Jul 25, 2020

“May my purpose align with all who work for peace, my heart and mind alive to global awakening, that I may see all in a field of love, freeing my inner authority to serve and to forgive, inclusive and authentic, compassionate and transformative, true to the Spirit we share in our humanity. So may it be.”

We have the great pleasure to introduce to you our newly ordained OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers!

These openhearted men and women have bravely moved through 2 years of deep enquiry in our training programme, deepening their understanding and awareness of true Self and Spirit. OneSpirit are committed to sharing our journey of exploration into what it means to be human, and how to serve Life/God/the Source of All, in myriad ways, both secular and sacred via our programmes.

Ordination blessing by Rev Nicola Coombe: Programme Design Lead and Core Tutor for Online and Northern Ireland classes of 2020 and Rev Annie Heppenstall: Core Tutor for London Class of 2020

Dawn Russell – Core and Group Tutor, drumming in the new ministers

Core Tutor Christo holding the space with his epic fire!

These 63 spiritual explorers have been from 3 training strands – our Residential and Online programmes. Throughout the recent lockdown and the sudden changes we’ve had to make to our ministry training, we hold deep gratitude and thanks to our sterling faculty, staff and students who haven risen marvellously to the challenge to continuing via our online portals!

Jackie Amos Wilkinson, Director of Education spoke during the ordination ceremony:

“Each one of us is needed to heal these great rifts in society. Evolving humanity’s consciousness, one heart at a time, takes honesty, compassion, commitment, humility and humour it also need collective effort. For by pooling our energy we can magnify our impact.

We also share some overwhelming outpourings of love on our live stream comments – thankyou all who joined us!

“THIS IS SO MOVING and a tribute to OneSpirit’s ability to evolve… BEAUTIFUL”

“ What a powerful profound and moving ceremony this is. It is an honour to witness it.”

“Fantastic ceremony. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Thank the Lord for technology and thanks to all for making this possible. Inspirational”

You can still watch the playback of the ordination via our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/OneSpiritOrg

And download the Ordination 2020 programme with the order of service here >>

Congratulations again to OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers class of 2020!

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