A Journey to Meaningful Engagement: Rethinking Our Approach at OneSpirit

Apr 23, 2024

Hello, beautiful souls! It’s Kailee here, your go-to for all things communicative and connective at OneSpirit. As I sit down to draft this reflection, I’m wrapped in the warm embrace of introspection, pondering on my journey with this incredible organization over the past two years. It has been a path of both discovery and evolution, not just for me, but for OneSpirit as a whole. I wanted to share with you a transformation that’s been unfolding within our team and within me personally — a shift that I believe signals a deeper alignment with our core mission and values.

When I joined the OneSpirit family, I was absolutely delighted to contribute to an organization whose mission resonated with every fiber of my being. However, I quickly encountered a challenge that sparked an inner conflict. The term ‘marketing,’ which traditionally defined my role, began to feel increasingly misaligned with the pure, soulful essence of OneSpirit. The concept of marketing, with its commercial undertones, seemed to clash with the spiritual and communal ethos we embody. 

It led me to question: Can we actually achieve the transformative journey we are on with a term that felt too transactional?

This question wasn’t just mine alone; it was a reflection of a broader conversation happening within our organization. We began to envision a new language that could encapsulate our efforts more wholesomely — a vocabulary that sang in harmony with our intentions and aspirations. It was clear that the term ‘marketing’ no longer served us, nor did it honor the depth of connection we wish to foster with our community and the world.

A Shift to Wholeness

In our quest for a term that truly reflected our mission and ethos, several alternatives floated to the surface — ‘outreach’ and ‘socialization’ among them. While each carried a piece of what we aimed to embody, there was one term that resonated deeply with my spirit: ‘engagement.’

Engagement. The word itself feels like an open invitation — a call to connect, interact, and be genuinely present with one another. It transcends the transactional implications of marketing, moving into the sacred realm of relationship-building, community nurturing, and heartfelt sharing. Engagement isn’t about the passive consumption of information but about active participation in a shared vision. It reflects a commitment to dialogue, to listening, and to co-creating spaces of understanding, learning, and growth.

Embracing a New Way of Thinking

The transition from thinking in terms of marketing to embracing a philosophy of engagement represents a fundamental shift in how we approach our work at OneSpirit. It’s about broadening our horizons and deepening our connections. It’s a commitment to being present with our community in every interaction, ensuring that every touchpoint is an opportunity for mutual enrichment and inspiration.

Our conversations and deliberations on this topic have been enriching, bringing us closer to the essence of what drives our mission. Engagement is not merely a term but a guiding principle that informs our actions and interactions. It encourages us to be more intentional, more mindful, and more heart-centered in everything we do.

While browsing LinkedIn recently, I stumbled upon a graphic that prompted multiple thoughts and reflections. Although sales are a necessary aspect of maintaining a business, organization, charity etc., I fundamentally believe that the connections we establish hold far greater weight. The connections are what drive you forward, they’re what keep you on the path to fulfill your purpose. Upon seeing this graphic, I immediately questioned, ‘What about engagement? What about the connections that have been created?’ This graphic perfectly epitomizes why the term ‘marketing‘ has accrued a negative undertone for me – it doesn’t align with the ethos of this community, the nature of our work, or the objectives of OneSpirit. Sure, sales can make you some quick bucks and marketing may secure you steady cash flow for years, but it’s genuine engagement and connections that will keep your organization moving ahead. It’s these connections that give your work purpose and helps fulfill your duty towards bettering society.

Moving Forward with Heart

As I move forward, I carry with me the lessons of the past two years — the understanding that our language shapes our reality and that by aligning our words with our deepest values, we can create a more authentic and impactful connection with the world.

Embracing this path has genuinely unlocked an inspiring fresh perspective for me. I would like to spark a conversation about some of the more meaningful concepts that frequently arise within our community. Concepts like ‘Reverend,’ ‘Interfaith,’ and ‘Inclusion,’ to name a few. We aim to delve into the essence of what these words truly represent within the context of our organization. Although numerous interpretations are out there, it’s important to us that our community understands the unique meaning these words hold within OneSpirit. This initiative began with reconsidering the term ‘Marketing,’ and who knows how far it’ll go! 

To our beloved OneSpirit community, I extend an invitation to engage with us on this journey. Let’s cherish each encounter, each story shared, and each moment of connection. Together, let’s embrace the spirit of engagement, weaving a tapestry of community that reflects the beauty, diversity, and unity of the human spirit.

With love and heartfelt enthusiasm,


Communications & Engagement Lead

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