April’s Anti-Racism Reading Group Invitation

Feb 19, 2024

An April Invitation…

The Anti-Racism Reading Group Monday 15th April 7.15 – 8.45

Zoom Meeting Details:

Anti Racism is a huge theme in the world and in One Spirit. We have started this group, which is open to all ministers and students free of charge, to support each other in taking forward our own anti-racism work. Between us, there is space and strength to hold all our conflicting feelings and to remember the joy inherent in the work of meeting the other on their own terms at last.

Each month we choose our own focus to explore and come together to share our reflections, insights and challenges.

This month we opened a conversation about the sacredness of the work of undoing racism, recognising how racism comes between us and the God of our understanding; between us and our Beloved Community; between us and our own highest intentions. We recognised the depth of trauma that systemic racism has left embedded in all of us, however, we have been racialised, and the support that is needed to address anti-racism work from a trauma-based approach.

If you are working with anti-racism in your ministry; if you are feeling confused about how to begin addressing racism in your life and in your community; if you have taken a first step into anti-racism, perhaps with the Faith In Black Lives Matter course, and are wondering what the next step might be; if you are simply curious to find out more, then this group is for you. All are welcome. We are discovering that racism is in our bodies as well as our legal systems and that powerful steps towards change are taken in a small group of trusted friends able to share their genuine embodied experience.

Books we are looking at for our next meeting on April 15th include My Grandmother’s Hands by Resmaa Menakem, books and poetry by Jackie Kay, and the poetry and writings of Audrey Lourde. Please feel free to explore your own sources.

Contact Sarah for more information.

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