Group Supervision

Led by: Accredited OneSpirit Supervisors


Discover the dynamic and nurturing environment of our new Group Supervision Offering.

Each session is a vibrant hub for sharing insights, obtaining constructive feedback.

Held on the first Monday of every month, these gatherings present a novel chance to connect with a community of like-minded peers, all within a well-organised yet flexible framework. Here’s what you can expect from the evolved structure, how to participate, and more exciting details about this enriching programme…

It is an opportunity to come together with fellow ministers, in sacred space, to explore the deeper and practical issues around your ministry.

This is a real opportunity to share, reflect and process the work as ministers amongst other ministers and a supportive community and professional supervisor.

A rich, warm, safe and welcoming circle to deepen our reflections on all the forms of expression that our being ministers includes.

Supervision is a vital part of our continuing professional development. We need to keep our skills updated and make sure our blind spots are not detrimental to supervision relationships. Group supervision in particular allows us to learn from one another, to be witnessed and to give and receive support. All this contributes towards building confidence in what is often solitary work.


  • WELCOME & INTRODUCTION (30 minutes): We start with a warm welcome and brief but deep check-in, before an overview of the session’s Objectives, i.e., working with a theme. 
  • BREAKOUT ROOMS (60 minutes): To ensure focused supervision, participants are divided into smaller groups, facilitated by an experienced supervisor.
  • GROUP SHARING (30 minutes): The session concludes with participants reconvening in the main Zoom room for an enriching group sharing of insights and reflections.
  • GROUP SIZE: A maximum of six participants per breakout room.
  • SUPERVISORS:  4-5 dedicated supervisors will lead these smaller groups.

Each session lasts two hours, providing ample time for discussion and reflection.


    • MAXIMUM CAPACITY: With the provision of five supervisors, we can accommodate up to 30 people, ensuring small group sizes for supervision.
    • ADJUSTMENTS FOR LOWER PARTICIPATION: Should fewer participants sign up, the number of supervisors will be adjusted accordingly to maintain the quality of supervision. For example, with twelve participants, only two supervisors will be required.

    This structured yet flexible offering is an ideal opportunity for Ministers to connect with like-minded individuals, delve into professional growth, and support each other on their journey. If you’re seeking a space to reflect, learn, and grow, this group supervision offering is for you. The open group format also allows participants the flexibility to sign up for any monthly session that suits their schedule.

    It is healing and inspiring to be with peers and to remember that whatever our expression of ordination is, it is given blessing and insight when we share with peers.

    The key benefits that it offers are, normalisation of experiences with fellow ministers, a sense of belonging, sharedklearning to and from other ministers, connection to shared wisdom, empathy, and compassion in the work and an ongoing development of our professionalism as ministers.

    This is a low cost, low risk introduction to Supervision.

    If you're only familiar with one-to-one supervision, this group will give you the opportunity to experience what supervision can offer before deciding to join a closed group. The advantage of a closed supervision group is that you can build sustaining relationships with a small number of ministers through the intimate sharing of your ministry together.



    • To be confirmed — please stay tuned, as we’ll add more information soon!


    • ROSIM members: £40
    • Non-ROSIM members: £50

    Being able to share honestly with others about our ministry work enables support to be given and received no matter how difficult the issues we are grappling with. Being together reduces our isolation in what is often a solitary working environment. Hearing the experiences of others lets us know what is usual and what is not in ministry work. The sharing of experiences and pooling of resources means that when we are working, remembering the supportive words of our colleagues give us confidence to offer what we do.

    Meeting others in sacred space benefits ministers who feel isolated, unsure of their way forward, or need somewhere to reconnect with their own inspiration.

    This will strengthen connections with inner purpose, with their vow, with the breadth and depth of what it means to me a OneSpirit minister. It will support connection in community, and learning by being with others in their own struggles and inquiry.

    Group supervision sessions will strongly support the ministers wellbeing by helping them feel part of a community as so mush of the minister work can be solo.


    • John F. Doherty: I have been a Supervisor for 18 years, starting with a Masters degree in 2006. I wanted to support people in the caring professions as I had witnessed a lot of burnout and poor self-care. I also wanted to develop my own skills in this area. The most rewarding aspect of being an Accredited Supervisor is empowering fellow ministers to polish their professional identity and helping them feel they aren’t alone in their work.

    • Joy Gleeson: I found my ministry in supervision after 30 years in Learning and Development and coaching, in businesses in the public and private sectors. I have a B.Ed (hons) in adult learning and am a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD and a Fellow of the RSA. The joy of walking with, supporting, comforting and celebrating clients cannot be beaten.

      • Nicola Coombe: I’m much influenced by being South African and British, and the impact of their cultural, political, spiritual, and natural landscapes. My underlying impulse is to seek connection with that which underpins Life – ‘the sacred’ by whatever name- between and within us.

      • Suzanne Cohen: My work as a OneSpirit Minister and OneSpirit accredited supervisor is supported by training in Gestalt therapy, spiritual healing and spiritual direction. The main focus of my approach is to accompany you whilst you explore the meaning of your spiritual life and the impact it has on you, your relationships and your working life. Whether you are rooted in a faith tradition or not, this exploration can take place.

      It being open for drop-in makes the initial commitment easy to make. There is a mix of something being offered in terms of content at the start, then a group experience, and then back for shared learning. It is affordable. And, it is happening - it's a beautiful design to experiment with!

      It is open, and you are not tied in to a long term agreement. You can try it and see - it is less costly this way.

      To experience group supervision and the different supervisor styles before committing to a closed group for a year is the most valuable aspect of this offering. To have the opportunity to reconnect and be in a group of ministers once again.

      I think the most valuable aspect is to be part of an a professional, supportive and caring group who do similar work to each other and are willing to share their learning.



      OneSpirit is committed to offering advanced supervision services for our ministers. Our supervision is a dynamic and ongoing engagement, designed to elevate the effectiveness of one’s ministry or practice with clients. This process fosters innovation and creativity, empowering professionals to realise their potential while recognising their boundaries.

      Supervision underpins professional and spiritual development, extending beyond mere skill enhancement to cultivate a sense of belonging within a supportive community. It ensures that professional paths are shared journeys, not solitary endeavours. Through effective supervision, individuals in spiritual care, ministry, and related professions can refine their skills, deepen their insights, and bolster self-awareness. This deeper professional persona nurtures a more profound, empathetic service delivery.


      OneSpirit champions the importance of supervision, integrating it into our organisational ethos and training programmes. We host an Accredited Supervisors Group of experienced professionals who meet stringent standard criteria. This group embodies our dedication to high-calibre supervision, guiding others to evolve professionally and personally.

      Our accredited supervisors are listed on their own page so you can easily learn about their extensive backgrounds and the unique expertise they bring to the supervision process. OneSpirit recognises supervision as a cornerstone of professional distinction and spiritual advancement. To learn more about our Supervisors, click here! 

      We learn so much when we meet other ministers, and it reflects to us we are not alone in the work and world. That being a minister includes being a parent, or a caregiver, or someone tending a garden, or anything that the world recognises more overtly as "work". We deliberately expand the definition of work to "expression" seeking to move away from a capitalist model that only recognises paid work etc, and we seek to affirm the value in each person's life, and how whatever they are doing, it will deepen by surfacing its textures and challenges with fellow ministers. It is also about really taking a spiritual lens to it all - in the deepest and most practical sense - as the comfort of bringing this lens, into a group, is so healing.

      As a Supervisor myself, I offer 1:1 and group supervision because I have grown in my ministry through what I have received from others' time and attention. Together we are stronger and can work more safely.