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Community Ministry


A brand-new four-week course exploring the spiritual foundations of community ministry.

* Currently closed - check back for potential updated dates for the future *  

This course is currently closed


Across four weeks, you will explore the spiritual basis for a community ministry.


Starting on your current path, this journey will take you on a deep dive into the impact of the community-based ministry. Exploring the practicalities, problems, pitfalls, and how you can overcome them.


Your tutor Andrew will be present to share his extensive experience-based knowledge, so you can feel confident in establishing and growing ministry within your own community.

Course Modules

Session 1: The spiritual basis for community ministry

  • Different Faiths views/forms of outreach and community work.

  • The role of Faith/Spirituality in street work.


Session 2: The practicalities, problems, and pitfalls of community-based ministry, and how to overcome them.

  • Set-up, local authority input, policies, difficult behaviours, volunteers, safeguarding.


Session 3: A deeper look at community-based ministry and its potential impact

  • Case studies from MCC Brighton. Bridging divides between communities.


Session 4: A practical guide on how to start an effective community-based ministry 

  • Equipment. Practical resources and where to find them. Joint projects. How to begin. The importance of Intent.

Course Dates


  • Thursday 22nd September

  • Thursday 29th September

  • Thursday 6th October

  • Thursday 13th October

Each session will take place online via Zoom from 2:00-4:00pm.


Key Features

  • Led by OneSpirit Ordained Minister Andrew Ramage, who has extensive experience establishing and running a community-based ministry in Brighton.

  • After the course you will have the opportunity to spend time with Andrew and his Community Church in Brighton-This is a fantastic opportunity to apply your learning and see community ministry in action. Arrangements for this should be made with Andrew directly.

  • Access to our bespoke online learning platform, where you will find resources to support you through this course along with a discussion space to communicate with fellow participants.

I really enjoyed this course, it opened my eyes upto a different form of ministry I hadn’t considered before. So vaulable! Really recommend this to anyone exploing ministry.


I got everything I wanted from the course. Andrews’s passionate facilitation of the course has inspired me to want to explore options for community ministry here in South Wales.


Andrew was really knowledgable and a confident facilitator. I got so much out of this course, particularly how to work with vulnerable people in my community



Andrew is an ordained OneSpirit minister, and currently works at Metropolitan Community Church in Brighton.

My time at OSIF was both challenging and rewarding.

Challenging because it made me look deep into myself and my beliefs, to really shine a light on the parts of myself I had previously ignored. I was always quite a private person, keeping my feelings to myself, but over the two years at OSIF I learned to really open up, to trust my instincts and to share myself more openly with people. This has had a huge impact on my ministry and my spiritual journey.

Rewarding because I met and made some great friends on the course, found a support network that I didn’t even know I needed and came out of the process a more complete person than when I went in.

I am by no means the finished article yet, still very much a work in progress, but the osif course gave me the insight and the tools with which to continue the journey towards the whole being I believe I was created to be.

My time at one spirit was truly transformational and I look back on it with great gratitude.”