Embrace Unity & Support Black Lives

Nov 20, 2023

Support Black Lives Through a Collaborative Workshop Series

OneSpirit takes the honour of facilitating an interactive, thought-provoking workshop, illuminating the essence of the ongoing struggle for racial justice, and offering ways to engage with it deeply.

Join us for this collaborative course designed to significantly elevate your understanding and engagement as an active ally. Facilitated by our resilient OneSpirit ministers Revs Malaika and Sue Cockerill and held in association with the Faith Network 4 Manchester, the series of workshops provide a unique blend of education, introspection, and community building. Our testament lies not just in our mission, but in the words of our participants:

  • Joy Gleeson praised the course saying, “I was inspired by the honesty and openness of the facilitators…I learned that it is important to stand up for the rights of others and not let things go because I’m embarrassed or unsure.”
  • Sylvia Robertson found the experience “inspirational, shocking and shaming at times. I was inspired by Malaika’s and Sue’s commitment and dedication to this work.”
  • Jude Watson acknowledged their approach saying, “I was inspired by Malaika & Sue’s honesty, strength and vulnerability.”
  • Ceri, found the course essential stating that, “Linking anti-racism as a spiritual practice was very inspiring.”
  • Chloe found motivation in “Malaika and Sue’s stories and their commitment to truth and justice.”
  • Helen noted, “It is so important – vital – to attend this Faith in Black Lives Matter course.”
  • Lastly, Emily Ford admired the powerful workshop and said, “Given I arrived in a state of overwhelm, I left the workshop with fire in my belly and a somewhat enthusiastic mindset to continue with this work.”

Prepare yourself to transform while helping transform societies. The change begins with you! For more information and to register, visit here.

Additional Testimonials

“Malaika and Sue’s faces whilst they were making their presentations, showing their pain, concern, deep commitment, inner calm and good humour.” – Ann Lewis

“What a task. To take Black Lives Matter and co-create a four-week introductory course with awareness of spiritual practice and love. To design it so that information and experience deepen as the weeks go on, with links in between, culminating in a sense that I have now arrived at a junction. This much I have learned, talked about, and reflected on. Now what? I have been held and challenged by two women who worked so well together with humour and integrity. I was inspired by the courage and compassion of both Malaika and Sue. They dared each in their own way, and my heart has indeed been broken open. This is work to do with love and forgiveness, of self and other.” – Lynne Davies

“I was inspired by the honesty and openness of the facilitators. I am so glad I did this and the fact that I can’t say I enjoyed it is a compliment to the presenters. This is a meaningful course that offers the opportunity to change and behave differently but also to think and feel differently. I learned that it is important to stand up for the rights of others and not let things go because I’m embarrassed or unsure because this is the society, I live in.” – Joy Gleeson

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