Interfaith Zoom Service Pilot for Inter Faith Week

Oct 20, 2020

You are invited to a pilot venture to explore – ‘Can Digital Space be a Sacred Space?’

The Invitation

Rev Jenny Miller and Rev Suzanne Cohen invite you to join them in a new pilot venture of an ‘Interfaith Zoom Service’ for Inter Faith Week, on Sunday 15th November at 5pm. The theme of this first zoom service is ‘Digital Sacred Space’. We will invite contemplation using online media, asking the question of whether Digital Space is real Sacred Space. Afterwards, we would love to hear your feedback on whether or not the service created real Sacred Space for you via Zoom  – and whether this might be something that you would like more of!

The Vision

The Vision after this pilot is to create more regular zoom services (perhaps once a month) with a team of Ministers who will each lead a zoom service in their own unique style, reflecting the diversity of Ministerial styles and diversity within the OneSpirit Interfaith Community. In this way, Services would be a unique combination of the contemplative, musical, interactive, psycho-spiritual, theological, creative and educational. We intend for these services to be made available to the wider public and reach the wider community, as Zoom has the exciting opportunity to connect beyond geographical limitations.

What to Expect

The the zoom waiting room will be open 10 minutes beforehand, with music playing from a Digital Choir. We intend this ‘Service/meeting/gathering’ to begin at 5pm, and last from 50 mins to an hour. This will be followed by optional ‘break out rooms’, for smaller group connections, conversations and feedback, should you wish to stay on to chat. After the Service, we will write an article summarising the theme of the Service, the feedback and our plans to take this venture forward.

When: Sunday 15th November at 5pm.
How to join: Receive the link by emailing
I have queries? Please email the above for any questions you might have!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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