OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation has grown and evolved, maintaining our foundations of peace-building, compassion, and forgiveness. Our dedication, like our history, spans continents and generations. We have blossomed into an educational charity that provides comprehensive training for interfaith ministry, spiritual guidance, sacred activism, and ritual practices. We focus on exploring diverse faith paths and promoting inclusive global spirituality. We’ve trained more than 1,000 individuals globally, many of whom serve in their communities as OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers, celebrants, or spiritual companions, contributing to a richer, more spiritually diverse world.

Our ministers have completed an intensive two-year training programme, culminating in their Ordination and being granted the title of Reverend, if they so choose. OneSpirit is recognised as a nominating body for legal weddings in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Ireland. Distinctly versatile in their approach, our ministers serve diverse communities, offering support that transcends religious and faith affiliations. Their comprehensive training encapsulates:

  • In-depth study of varied faith paths and worldviews, including, but not limited to, Earth-Based Paths, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Daoism, and contemporary Spiritual expressions.
  • Crafting and leading personally resonant ceremonies, such as baby blessings, weddings, and funerals.
  • Offering compassionate, one-to-one spiritual accompaniment.
  • Navigating conflict resolution, peace-making, reconciliation, and understanding and addressing addiction, trauma, and grief management within the context of an Interfaith Minister’s role.

Our trained ministers may join our professional register, the Register of OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers (ROSIM), once ordained. ROSIM acts as a unified platform for our trained ministers. Joining ROSIM requires continuing adherence to OneSpirit’s Code of Ethics (in alignment with our Ethics and Standards Committee), ordination vows, regular supervision and Continuing Professional Development. Ministers are also required to maintain professional indemnity insurance and agree to OneSpirit’s complaints protocol, with ROSIM serving as a competent body to address and resolve any arising complaints.


“We represent, bear witness to and believe in Life as sacred.”

Nicola Coombe (former Focaliser & current faculty) offered these powerful & affirming words at the Ordination ceremony of 2016.


“The impulse for this work comes out of tremendous suffering, tremendous oppression and tremendous persecution – both OF the spiritual world and BY those who have called themselves spiritual or religious.”

Nicola Coombe (former Focaliser & current faculty) succinctly captures the essence of Interfaith Ministry and the brave path of spiritual inquiry, at the 2016 Ordination ceremony.


“Peace has no point if it’s not lived. Love is fruitless unless given. So live your peace. Give your love. And as Mahatma Gandhi said: be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Learn more from the former Director of Education, Jackie Amos Wilkinson, who offers some warm & welcoming words to the class of 2017.


Curious about our experiential, heart-based Interfaith Ministry training?

Our Introductory Days offer an opportunity to directly experience our teaching approach, as well as explore and connect with existing students, ministers, and faculty. This short video offers some reflections from our students and Faculty on what you can expect on the day…


Our 2018 Ordination & Graduation Ceremony highlight video offers a splendid depiction of our approach to Ordination. Although each annual training differs slightly owing to the individuality of our students and their distinct enrolment reasons, our ordination ceremonies are bound by some unwavering elements. A central one among them is nurturing a sense of community.