Launching the Month of Ministry 2024

Jan 18, 2024

The time has finally come! This February, we’re inviting all ministers and students to take part in the #MonthOfMinistry! Originally kick-started by Rev Jo Royle and Rev Sass Adams in 2023, the #MonthOfMinistry is a month-long social media movement designed to highlight the work of Interfaith Ministers. Its goal is not only to bring your valuable work to the public’s attention but also to create a platform for networking and fostering a sense of community.

It’s an opportunity to articulate more about your personal journey, convictions, and your ministry to your audience. It enables us to build connections and collaborations, making it effortless to discover, follow, and learn more about each other’s work and approaches.

Throughout February, OneSpirit will be amplifying your voice by sharing and reposting your content (please remember to tag us on Instagram & Facebook). 

There’s absolutely no obligation to respond to each prompt, but we strongly encourage you to engage as much as you can. We are excited to see you get involved and cannot wait to learn more about you with your #MonthOfMinistry tags!

Suggested post format…

DAY 1 #MonthOfMinistry #WeAreROSIM #InterfaithMinister and any other hashtags you want to include. Also tag: @BringItToTheAltar & @osmic_onespirit_in_connection. This will allow both Onespirit and OSMIC to share your posts with their followers!

You are more than welcome to respond to the prompts in any way which suits you… a written response; a photograph; a piece of artwork; a video; a poem; etc. You can search the hashtag #MonthOfMinistry on any social media platform to see posts from last year as examples.

Where do I start?

By telling all the OneSpirit interfaith ministers you know about #MonthOfMinistry – the more of us taking part, the greater the impact. By considering the prompts… maybe there are some you’d prefer not to answer, some you can’t wait to get started on, and maybe some other questions of your own that you’d like to cover instead. Decide how you might want to respond to the prompts and whether you might prepare some responses in advance.

Embracing the Spirit of Summer Solstice

Embrace the radiant energy of the Summer Solstice, a time marked by ancient traditions and spiritual renewal. This significant period invites the OneSpirit community to indulge in deep reflection, nature immersion, and creative expression. It's an opportunity to celebrate the longest day of the year, acknowledging our inner growth and setting intentions for the journey ahead. Through sunrise and sunset meditations, connecting with nature, and fostering communal bonds, we honour this pivotal moment.

Celebrating Love Today & Everyday

This Pride Month, join OneSpirit in celebrating love's limitless nature. Embrace acts of loving-kindness in our diverse community, honouring each individual's journey with respect, acceptance, and pride. Love transcends boundaries; our support should too.

Spiritual Diversity: Hear from Our Students

Explore the heartfelt spiritual journeys of our OneSpirit students, whose transformative encounters with diverse religious beliefs enlighten and inspire. Each account embodies a shared ethos of respect and acceptance of diverse spiritual paths. As we honour the richness of faith diversity, we extend an invitation to those ready for their own transformative journey.

Discover a New Horizon With ROSIM

Join our ROSIM community, a vibrant network designed to amplify your reach and connect you with over 2,000 engaged individuals. Showcase your events, tap into supportive and inspiring interactions, and make a real impact. Ready to elevate your journey? Dive into a world where visibility and collaboration meet.

June’s Anti-Racism Reading Group Invitation

Confronting the hidden layers of racism within oneself, a journey shared by a self-described liberal who discovered deep-seated biases. Through self-reflection and community dialogue, the Anti-Racism Reading Group at OneSpirit aims to unearth and challenge these harmful ideologies.

Honouring Togetherness on International Day of Living Together in Peace

On the International Day of Living Together in Peace, OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation embodies a commitment to unity, shared humanity, and harmony. The qualities of peace – nurtured within individuals, fostered through dialogue, and expressed in diverse experiences – form a vibrant mosaic of peaceful coexistence within this community. Peace, for OneSpirit, is not just a word, but a living endeavour, manifest in their ceremonies, education, and pastoral care. Today and every day, they walk a collective path that affirms, celebrates, and nurtures peace in all its rich diversity.

A Journey to Meaningful Engagement: Rethinking Our Approach at OneSpirit

Kailee from OneSpirit Interfaith Foundation reveals a transformative shift: From 'marketing' to 'engagement.' This evolution goes beyond semantics, embracing deep, heartfelt connections and redefining their mission. The post reflections on engagement as a concept. The word itself feels like an open invitation — a call to connect, interact, and be genuinely present with one another. It transcends the transactional implications of marketing, moving into the sacred realm of relationship-building, community nurturing, and heartfelt sharing.

Celebrating Beltane: A Journey Through Time & Tradition

Embracing Our Roots to Celebrate Light, Life and Community In the heart of Edinburgh, every spring, we witness a spectacle that ties us back to the deep-rooted traditions of our ancient forebears — the Beltane Fire Festival. Inspired by the traditional Gaelic festival...

Enrolment is Officially Open!

Enrolment for OneSpirit’s Spiritual Development and Ministry Training program is open. With over 25 years of experience, it nurtures spiritual growth and leadership, fostering global consciousness, compassion, and interconnectedness in an evolving world.

Interfaith Dialogue

OneSpirit fosters interfaith dialogue,
where individuals from varied faith paths
engage in rich discussions to exchange
wisdom. The aim is to deepen understanding, cultivate peace, and promote
spiritual growth.

Redefining Interfaith: Holistically and Inclusively

We redefine interfaith to be more inclusive, embracing diverse spiritual experiences beyond traditional religions. Their vision fosters unity by honouring individual spirituality, aiming for a compassionate community that celebrates spiritual diversity.