minister connections

Welcome to the Minister Connections page, an inspiring visual journey into the expansive networks created and nurtured by our dedicated interfaith ministers. Here, you’ll discover vibrant illustrations that beautifully encapsulate how ‘ministry’ springs from individual conviction, and then flows outward, weaving an intricate tapestry of connections within the wider community. Whether it’s collaborations with photographers, wedding or funeral planners, these bonds are the threads binding this tapestry together.

Immerse yourself further, delve into captivating imagery captured by professional external photographers, and explore links that transport you directly to their space – just as they will guide visitors back to us. In addition, take a tour of screenshots that not only highlight these fruitful collaborations but also lead you towards our dynamic social media platforms. In essence, this page is a testament to the unity, mutual growth, and far-reaching impact emerging from these multifaceted ministerial connections.

If you are a creative and you’ve collaborated with any of our interfaith ministers and would like to be featured – simply fill out this form and our Communications and Marketing Lead, Kailee, will be in touch to get you featured!