Carolanne Allardyce

Carolanne Allardyce

I believe in the freedom to find our authentic selves and to express this in whichever way allows wholeness. I am committed to serving from the heart, compassionately sharing of myself in whatever way touches the needs of others.

I am heart-centred in my practice and am committed to acceptance and acknowledgement of each of us as we are, with no desire to change who we are, but to allow, encourage and nurture growth as we step on a spiritual path to our authentic selves together – holding each of us in compassion as we do so.

I believe there is no separation and that by loving ourselves, we love one another and in doing so our love is shared with all things and this allows us to stand against fear and its many guises.

The natural world is fascinating, enlightening, and freeing, by respecting our interconnectedness and interdependence we can embrace all that being with this wonderful planet allows.

Two of my values are Freedom to be me (you) and finding joy – these, along with acceptance of what is are what I offer in all of my services.

I work from North East Fife in Scotland and offer space for healing, ceremonies, and spiritual accompaniment (in groups and individuals) – I am happy to offer all of my services throughout Scotland.

There are no right or wrong ways and I embrace ALL ways of being.

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing. and right-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” Rumi

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