Chris Booth

Chris Booth

I’m passionate about addressing the causes of conflict, injustice, suffering, and environmental damage, and building radical communities to sustain us in this work. I believe our most important task is to wake up and respond with compassion to the suffering of all beings (human and non-human). For me, meditation and mindfulness help strengthen the realisation that we are inherently interconnected – from this our compassion flows.

Walking in the mountains and swimming in the sea, the beauty, energy and wildness in the natural world sustain and motivate me.

I love weaving the energy of ceremony (especially outside in nature). As an ordained minister, I offer and facilitate unique, co-created, personal and participatory ceremonies for namings, changings, joinings, and leavings. From these may come insight and transformation, interconnectedness and meaning – “announcing our place in the family of things” as Mary Oliver says. I love and celebrate the cycles and spirals, the seasons, the tides, birth and growth, sex and death – all these are holy!

I also offer support for activists and sacred activism, helping to create a grounded, compassionate ritual space in the centre of action. I offer a safe space for joy, grief, and active hope, drawing on the Work That Reconnects practices and my lifelong experience in the peace and environmental movements.

You can read more about me and what I do on my website: If any of that resonates with you, I’d love to hear from you!


  1. Working with Chris as our wedding celebrant was an absolute joy and he made us feel at ease throughout the whole process. Together we curated a ceremony and vows that were completely unique and special to us, and we will cherish these memories forever.

  2. Chris was a fantastic celebrant! He was so supportive, guiding us through creating a personal ceremony that reflected us and the wedding we wanted. He brought ideas for the ceremony and supported us writing our vows. On the day, he helped to create a perfect, relaxed, loving and inclusive ceremony.

  3. In my opinion, Chris is the most efficient wedding officiant in Scotland that I know. I have been dedicated to the topic of weddings in Scotland for several years, and I know quite a few and for me he is one of the best. I chose Chris to officiate my wedding in September 2023 in Scotland in a truly beautiful location in Dryburgh and it is the best decision I ever made, it was a decision I will never forget. He designed a truly beautiful wedding for me, exactly how I wanted, without even needing to meet in person. With minimal explanation from me, he managed to create a ceremony that none of us will ever forget. He is sincerely dedicated, he always seeks to make the client happy and adapts to everything he asks of him with the utmost respect. If you are really thinking about celebrating your wedding, do not hesitate for a second to hire him. Not only is he an angel as a person, but he has a lot of experience and his price is really good!! I recommend him 200%

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