Kate Atchley

Kate Atchley

Over the 19 years since I was ordained, it’s been my privilege to conduct many ceremonies for many precious folks, honouring their life transitions – especially weddings but also baby blessings and funerals.

Always, I meet those who come to me open-heartedly, seeking to understand and reflect within their ceremony what is most inspiring and meaningful to them, whether or not that includes spiritual beliefs.

Now based in the Scottish Borders, I am gradually bringing more of my ministry into my home. I have a beautiful newly-built house, in a lovely rural setting, with a studio designed specifically as accommodation for those wishing to replenish themselves, to take time out for self-care, for quietness or retreat.

I will be alongside to accompany those who come to stay, if they so wish, with spiritual counselling and creative sound journeying. Some may prefer to retreat alone but knowing there is someone nearby to call upon if needed.

Family is a cornerstone in my life, as it is for so many of us: being a mother and grandmother often helps me cast others’ circumstances in a clearer light, for which I am grateful. I’m also a committed beekeeper closely involved in the preservation of native bees in Scotland.

The great outdoors could be said to be my ‘church’ for I draw daily delight and refreshment from the natural world: the beauty of the Scottish hills and countryside never ceases to bring me home to gratitude. As for my lovable cocker spaniel, he ensures I take long walks every day … he’s a nature-lover too!

More information here: https://www.wrenstudio.org/